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Grand Theft Auto V Taxi Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Taxi Missions or Private Fares, occur after you purchase the Downtown Cab. Co Property in GTA 5, and are random events that require Franklin.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Taxi Missions, require only the Downtown Cab. Co Property, which becomes available early in the game.

After you buy the said property you will receive a phone-call from Raul who tells you that you have purchased a profitable business, but from time to time, he will call you to complete various jobs. The GTA 5 Private Fares are assignments that help you maintain your private customers.

While these missions are not rated, you can increase the amount of money earned, by fulfilling special requirements.

These requirements are bonuses, and the following Grand Theft Auto V Taxi Missions Guide offers useful information that will teach you how to complete them.

The Taxi Missions in GTA 5 are random events, meaning that they don’t occur in a specific order, but there are 9 possible scenarios.

Private Fare 1 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Medical Center

Daredevil Bonus: $200

The first client you may encounter loves reckless driving and he will ask you to take him to Vinewood, just behind the Vinewood sign.

To get the Daredevil Bonus while playing the first GTA 5 Taxi Mission, you have to perform as many stunts as you can. These stunts include: crashing other cars, drifts, driving at high speeds, and even driving off-road.

When your client tells you to take the shortcut towards the sing, make sure you go off-road. For the first GTA V Private Fare you will get between $150 and $190, the Daredevil Bonus, and a tip.

Private Fare 2 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Up-n-Atom Burger

No Puke Bonus: $100

Unlike in the previous Private Fare, to complete the second Taxi Mission in GTA 5, you will need to drive as slow as you can so that your client won’t puke in your car.

The No Puke Bonus is achieved by avoiding bumps, short turns, and other stunts. Your client pukes if you drive too fast, thus you will miss the bonus.

Pay close attention to the traffic and remember that it is not a timed mission. Once you get him to the destination, you will get around $120 for the trip, $100 for the No Puke Bonus and a tip.

Private Fare 3 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Elgin Avenue

Terminator Bonus: $230

After you pick up the client in front of the Ammu-Nation Store, you will be asked to take him to a meeting place. Pay close attention because he mentions that he will meet some dangerous people.

Drive to the marked location on your map and you will trigger a cutscene. Your client wants to know where his girlfriend is.

The gang members won’t tell him and he will pull out his gun. Do the same and take out all gang members. Immediately take cover and shoot the other gang members that arrive (Terminator Bonus).

Continue to follow your client’s instructions to complete the mission. At the end of the third GTA 5 Private Fare you should get $170, as well as a tip, and $230 as a bonus for the Terminator objective.

Private Fare 4 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Sandy Shores

Ludicrous Speed Bonus: $200

The fourth Taxi Mission in GTA 5 is timed and the for the bonus objective you have to beat the timer. When you get the call from Raul, telling you to go to Sandy Shores, make sure you get the fastest car you have in your garage.

Drive to the client’s location and he will tell you that he needs to get to Vinewood Hills in less than 3:30 minutes. The success of this mission depends on your driving skills.

Use Franklin’s ability to avoid possible collisions, and if you can, take shortcuts. The car you drive also plays an important role in this private fare.

If you manage to take your client to the desired location in the allotted time you will get the Ludicrous Speed Bonus ($200), $300 for the fare, and a tip.

Private Fare 5 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Galileo Park

Best Store Bonus: $500

For the fifth private fare taxi mission in GTA 5, you will have to figure out what your client wants, if you intend to get the Best Store Bonus.

After you pick-up your client in Galileo Park, she will ask you to take her to a decadent tailor in Los Santos.

At this point, open your map and find the Ponsonboys Store in Rockford Hills. Take your client to the marked location if you want to get the Best Store Bonus, along with $200 for the job and a tip.

Private Fare 6 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Los Santos International Airport

Smooth Getaway Bonus: $1.000

The sixth scenario you have to complete involves a getaway, which means that you need a fast car. Make sure you get one if Raul tells you that your client is at Los Santo International Airport. Pick up your client and take him to the marked location on your map.

While he is inside the building, turn your car around and wait for him in the same spot. When he gets out from the building, you will automatically get a two-star wanted level.

Your objective now is to lose the cops without being spotted. Make sure you do so, using your favorite strategy to stay away from the blue radars, and then your target will tell you to drive back to the airport.

Follow the route marked on your map, and after you complete the fare, you will get around $350 for the ride, $1.000 if you avoided the cops and $10.000 as a tip.

Private Fare 7 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Richman

Knocked a Sucka Out Bonus: $100

The seventh scenario involves a student you pick-up from Richman. The boy will ask you to take him to the location where his girlfriend’s car broke down.

Deliver him to the marked location and notice that when you are close he receives a phone-call from a lady named Liz.

Once you reach the location, he becomes jealous at you for looking at Liz and he will become aggressive. Using only your fists beat the client and then pick-up Liz.

Take her to Palomino Avenue. As a reward you will get the Knocked a Sucka Out Bonus, a tip, $100 for the ride and Liz’s phone number.

Liz’s number can be used for a Booty Call.

Private Fare 8 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: El Rancho Boulevard

Private Eye Bonus: $100

The client you pick-up on El Rancho Boulevard has a different task for you. You will be asked to drive to the Medical Center where she wishes to find her cheating boyfriend.

When you get to the required location, she will ask you to follow his car. Make sure you don’t drive too close because you will miss the Private Eye Bonus.

After the chase, you will see her jumping out of the car and killing her boyfriend and her maid of honor.

For this specific private fair in GTA 5, you will get around $150, the Private Eye Bonus if you are not spotted, and a small tip.

Private Fare 9 Walkthrough

Client’s Location: Richman

Punctual Bonus: $200

For the final scenario, you will need a car with 4 seats, because you will pick-up more than one client. The phone-call you receive to pick-up the clients will send you to Richman. Get inside the car and drive to Richman Hotel.

Next, you will have to make several stops while driving around the city. To get the Punctual Bonus, you have to drive fast and very careful, because your clients want to get to the marked locations as fast as possible, and you are not allowed to ruin their experience.

Focus on avoiding obstacles and stunts. The rewards you receive are a small tip, $270 for the job and the Punctual Bonus.

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