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Grand Theft Auto V Street Races Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Street Races are unlocked only by Franklin who can talk to a Stranger and Freak named Hao. Hao appears only on Franklin’s map, after the Pulling Favors Towing mission, which can be completed early in the game. Since Hao competes in illegal street races, his icon can be observed only during the night.

His location is close to Franklin’s first safe house. Unlike other Strangers and Freaks in GTA 5, for Hao you can complete only one side-mission, named Shift Work, and the following guide offers hints and tips that can help you get the gold medal and a 100 % completion.

At the end of the mission, even if you don’t get 100% completion, you will be able to see on your map all locations where the illegal street races take place.

These locations, just like Hao, appear on your map, only during the night; therefore, if you want to enter a street race but you can’t see its location, make sure you fast forwards the time until the sun sets down. You can fast forward the time by 6 hours when you save your game.

GTA 5 includes five illegal street races you can enter, and these competitions are a great way to earn some money, but to enter one of them you have to pay a series of fees.

Wining an illegal street race depends on your driving skills and how you use Franklin’s ability. The Grand Theft Auto V Street Races count if you want to get 100% completion at the end of the game.

When you decide to enter a street race make sure that you own a powerful car, on which you have installed the latest mods.

One illegal street race; however, requires you to own a bike.

The rewards for winning a street race range from $450 to $6750, depending on how difficult the race is.

Shift Work Mission Walkthrough

GTA 5 Shift Work is the mission you get from Hao if you visit him as Franklin and during the night. Assuming that you have completed Pulling Favors, you will find Hao’s location on your map if you look for a green exclamation mark.

Before going to see Hao, make sure you get the fastest car you have in Franklin’s garage. As you approach Hao, you will be challenged to enter an illegal street race. Get in your car and follow him to the location where the race takes place.

Move your car close to the yellow circle on the ground and wait for the race to start. Franklin is a skilled driver and his ability plays a vital role during every race you enter; however, your skills are more important, especially if you wish to complete Shift Work on gold.

The moment to race starts, you have to be aware that if you stay close to the opponent in front of you, he will drag your car, but staying too close is dangerous if the opponent makes a mistake, because you will not be able to avoid a possible collision. You are allowed to hit their cars as many times as you want, if you don’t aim for the gold medal, but you are not allowed to hit them or any other obstacles for more than 5 times if you want to get the Clean Race objective.

The said objective is probably the hardest to get; therefore, try to take the lead as soon as you get on a straight line.

Use the breaks if you can avoid a collision and always use Franklin’s ability when taking a difficult turn. Activate it by pressing the left and right thumbsticks at the same time, and when you exit a curve, deactivate it to save the ability for later use. Another aspect you have to be aware of is that if the opponents can drag you, you are also able to drag them, so use the rearview to make sure you don’t help them. If an opponent is behind you, try to move left and right to lose him.

The remaining two objectives (Fastest Lap and Underdog) can be achieved at the same time if you finish the race in less than 2:50 minutes, since there are two laps and for the Fastest Lap objective you have to finish a lap in less than 1:20 minutes.

Mathematically, if you complete the Underdog objective, you will also complete the Fastest Lap.

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