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Grand Theft Auto V Rampage Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Rampage Missions are timed challenges that can be played only as Trevor.

The GTA 5 Rampage Missions are included in the Strangers and Freaks series of side-missions, and they are required if you want to get 100% completion at the end of the game, or the Red Mist achievement/trophy.

Unlike other Strangers and Freaks missions, a GTA 5 Rampage Mission doesn’t require a specific character, and they appear on your map marked by orange skulls. When the orange skull icon appears on your map, you can switch characters, and you can send Trevor to the marked location, to start a Rampage Mission.

The GTA 5 Rampage Missions are probably the trickiest challenges featured in the video game, because these missions are timed and to get the gold medal while playing one of them, you will have to complete three objectives.

GTA 5 features five Rampage Missions, and the following guide, explains how to complete all of them on gold.

The Grand Theft Auto V Rampage Missions Guide provides hints, tips and various strategies you should consider in order to achieve 100% completion at the end of each Rampage Mission in GTA 5.

Rampage One Walkthrough

After you complete the Trevor Philips Industries story mission, you will unlock GTA 5 Rampage One, which takes place in the area known as Sandy Shores.

During a Rampage Mission, you have access only to certain weapons that can be used by Trevor. For the first rampage, these weapons are the assault rifle and 25 grenades.

Being the first Rampage Mission you can play, Rampage One is accessible if you don’t want to get the gold medal, but if you wish to get 100% completion, the side-objectives become extremely hard to complete.

To finish GTA 5 Rampage 1 on gold, you need to get 45 kills, 3 headshots and you also have to destroy 2 vehicles in the allotted time (2 minutes). A general rule that applies to all Rampage Missions (except the fifth), is that the headshots are easier to obtain if you aim for drivers or targets inside vehicles; and if you activate Trevor’s ability.

For the first Rampage Mission, after you gain control over Trevor, head to the parking lot near the area where he met the rednecks, because the large area allows you to move in order to avoid damage, and gives you a better view of the streets around you.

Your first goal is to get the 45 kills; therefore, don’t focus on the vehicles, unless you manage to destroy them while they move. If you take too much damage, head to the roof of the building nearby, but don’t spend too much time there, because you won’t be able to spot all targets. Try to maintain Trevor’s ability activated all the time, and remember that the more rednecks you kill, the more will spawn.

In other words, in a Rampage Mission, even if you won’t be able to see, your enemies attack in waves, which means that if you don’t kill all targets in a wave, the next wave won’t spawn. This feature can be observed while playing Rampage Two.

For GTA 5 Rampage One, after you get the required number of kills, switch to grenades and take out two vehicles.

Ideally, is to aim for two vehicles that are close to each other, and take them out with a single grenade.

Rampage Two Walkthrough

Getting the gold medal in GTA 5 Rampage Two is even harder than getting 100% completion in Rampage One, because during the second challenge, Trevor’s weapon is a SMG, and you will have to get 6 headshots.

Again, try to kill as many drivers as you can, or targets that take cover, because the auto-aiming option automatically focuses on their heads, since these are the only body parts visible while driving or being in cover. Trevor’s rage also plays an important role during the second rampage, so try to keep it activated as long as you can.

You don’t have to wait for Trevor’s ability bar to fill, because you will waste precious seconds. When the rampage starts, maintain your position in front of the store, and try to place Trevor with his back against the wall, while facing the large intersection.

When the first two gang members run away, two vehicles will spawn on the left alley. Those are the vehicles you should destroy to complete the required objective. If you manage to destroy both of them, there is no need to switch to grenades until the end of the rampage.

Stay away from the roofs because your enemies throw Molotov cocktails and will set Trevor on fire. Furthermore, stay away from the streets because your enemies will ram Trevor and you will waste time trying to recover.

Rampage Three Walkthrough

GTA V Rampage Three is even harder than the previous one, since you need 50 kills, 6 headshots and 2 vehicles destroyed in 2 minutes.

For this challenge, the most important role is played by your position, and how you complete the objectives. Immediately after you begin the third GTA 5 Rampage, turn around and get to the large street behind you, but make sure you are not in the middle of the street and you are facing the alley on which your enemies will spawn.

This move allows you to have a better view on all sides, since your enemies also spawn to your left and to your right. When you see that you have targets on your left and on your right, kill them as soon as possible, because they prevent other targets to spawn on the alley.

Furthermore, don’t destroy any vehicles until you kill all 50 gang members. Instead, aim for drivers and other gang members inside the said cars, to make sure you get 6 headshots. Don’t go down the alley because the gang members will ram Trevor and some of them have RPGs that will kill you.

Trevor’s ability must be activated as soon as it becomes available, even if the bar is not entirely filled.

Rampage Four Walkthrough

The fourth GTA V Rampage Mission is more accessible because you have three minutes to complete all objectives, but this time you will also have to destroy two tanks. Fortunately, Trevor has a grenade launcher, which you should use the moment you see the tanks.

Stay mobile and keep the trigger pulled while moving around the tanks and you will eventually destroy them faster.

The grenade launcher should only be used on the tanks, not on the army vehicles that rush in, since an explosion can set Trevor on fire or even kill him.

To get the required number of headshots, shoot the soldiers inside the trucks, but try to kill them before they get out.

Rampage Five Walkthrough

The first and the third objectives in GTA 5 Rampage Five are also easy to obtain, but to get 10 headshots you will need to be extremely careful, because for the last rampage, Trevor can only use a shotgun.

For the second objective, you have two options. First you can aim for hipsters inside cars, or in cover, but you have to be close enough to mark a headshot. The second method is to get close enough to the hipsters around you, because the bullets spread.

If you are close enough, aim above the target’s head to make sure you score a headshot. Additionally, you should consider destroying the vehicles near the mission’s end, because they will help you get the required number of headshots.

Stay away from the hipsters driving scooters, because they will ram you, and you will lose important seconds.

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