Grand Theft Auto V Nuclear Waste Collection Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Nuclear Waste Collection Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Nuclear Waste Collection allows you to increase the amount of cash you earn in the video game, by finding 30 Nuclear Waste Barrels.

The following Grand Theft Auto 5 Nuclear Waste Collection Guide, reveals the locations of all Nuclear Waste Barrels in GTA 5, and explains how to find them faster, in order to unlock the Waste Management achievement/trophy.

The guide includes a map containing all locations you have to visit in order to collect the Nuclear Waste Barrels.

GTA V Nuclear Waste Collection can be accessed after you complete The Merrryweather Heist main story mission, because during this mission you will be able to access a new type of vehicle, which is a mini-sub.

Furthermore, to unlock the Nuclear Waste collectibles, you will have to purchase the Sonar Collection Dock property, which costs $250.000. The property can be purchased by any character (Trevor, Michael, or Franklin).

Once the property becomes yours, the submarine will be moved to the dock, and you will receive an email notifying you that someone is willing to buy all nuclear waste barrels you collect. There are 30 GTA V Nuclear Waste Barrels scattered on the coasts of Los Santos, and for each Nuclear Waste Barrel you find, you will receive $23.000.

This means that once you purchase the dock and locate all barrels, your profit will be $440.000. In addition for purchasing the dock, you will also get a new app for your smartphone. The app is called Trackify, and it works only while inside the submarine.

After you get all barrels, the app will disappear from your smartphone. Using Trackify you will have to scout the ocean and  pick up the Nuclear Barrels, but if you want to find them faster, you can use the map below.

Nevertheless, even if you know their locations, you still have to learn how to use Trackify.

How To Use Trackify

When you begin your search for the hidden Nuclear Waste Barrels in GTA 5, you will notice that the Trackify app starts automatically when you enter the sub.

The application works as a sonar used in submarines and it always displays the closest Nuclear Waste Barrel, as a red dot. Below the red dot, you can see your position and above it an arrow and a number.

It is important to know that the number near the arrow doesn’t show the distance, but the depth where you will find the next collectible. In other words, to use the map below and the Trackify app, you will have to follow several steps that will eventually help you collect all hidden Toxic Waste faster.

First, open the in-game map and head towards one of the locations marked on the map below. Keep an eye on your Trackify app and make sure that the arrow in the middle of the screen points towards the red dot. Furthermore, make sure that the number above the screen is close to 0.

This indicates that your depth is similar the one where you will find the Waste Barrel. If the arrow next to the number points up, you have to submerge, and if the arrow points down you have to emerge. When you get close to a Nuclear Waste Barrel, the red dot will move towards the center of the screen.

Make sure that you stop the submarine and you look around for the glowing barrel that should be nearby. When you see it, all you have to do is to touch it with your sub, to collect it. An important aspect that should be mentioned is that you are not allowed to go very deep using your sub, because if you reach 500 ft. the pressure will destroy it.

Additionally, you should keep away from the beach or you will get stuck into the sand. If this happens, you should wait for a large wave so that the engine of your sub can touch the water. If you still can’t move, you will have to exit the sub and return to the dock. Some Grand Theft Auto 5 Waste Barrels are located deeper than others.

They can be found under reefs, hidden in algae, or even on the bottom of the ocean; therefore, listed below you will find the exact distance from surface for each Toxic Barrel in GTA 5.

These metrics will help you identify the correct locations even faster, and they coincide with the locations displayed on the map.

To verify if your location is similar to a distance listed below, pay close attention to the number shown on the left corner of your minimap. 

Grand Theft Auto V Nuclear Waste Collection Locations

Waste Barrel 1 – Distance from surface: 21 ft.

Waste Barrel 2 – Distance from surface: 13 ft.

Waste Barrel 3 – Distance from surface: 77 ft.

Waste Barrel 4 – Distance from surface: 443 ft.

Waste Barrel 5 – Distance from surface: 129 ft.

Waste Barrel 6 – Distance from surface: 444 ft.

Waste Barrel 7 – Distance from surface: 458 ft.

Waste Barrel 8 – Distance from surface: 500 ft.

Waste Barrel 9 – Distance from surface: 78 ft.

Waste Barrel 10 – Distance from surface: 105 ft.

Waste Barrel 11 – Distance from surface: 466 ft.

Waste Barrel 12 – Distance from surface: 352 ft.

Waste Barrel 13 – Distance from surface: 182 ft.

Waste Barrel 14 – Distance from surface: 167 ft.

Waste Barrel 15 – Distance from surface: 88 ft.

Waste Barrel 16 – Distance from surface: 84 ft.

Waste Barrel 17 – Distance from surface: 30 ft.

Waste Barrel 18 – Distance from surface: 69 ft.

Waste Barrel 19 – Distance from surface: 88 ft.

Waste Barrel 20 – Distance from surface: 220 ft.

Waste Barrel 21 – Distance from surface: 109 ft.

Waste Barrel 22 – Distance from surface: 65 ft.

Waste Barrel 23 – Distance from surface: 142 ft.

Waste Barrel 24 – Distance from surface: 153 ft.

Waste Barrel 25 – Distance from surface: 358 ft.

Waste Barrel 26 – Distance from surface: 470 ft.

Waste Barrel 27– Distance from surface: 59 ft.

Waste Barrel 28– Distance from surface: 119 ft.

Waste Barrel 29– Distance from surface: 69 ft.

Waste Barrel 30– Distance from surface: 38 ft.

Grand Theft Auto V Nuclear Waste Collection Guide

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