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Grand Theft Auto V Hunting Guide

The Grand Theft Auto V Hunting Locations allow Trevor to earn even more money, by hunting different species that inhabit Los Santos; however, to find these locations, you need to complete two side-missions.

These side-missions will teach you how to use a sniper rifle and how to lure animals, and in order to play them you have to unlock Trevor.

Trevor is a skilled sniper and after you unlock him, you will be able to interact with one of the Strangers and Freaks in Grand Theft Auto 5.

His name is Cletus and he is a passionate hunter who earns his money by hunting animals and selling their meat. After you to talk to Cletus for the first time, you will be able to play one of his side missions, and later, Cletus will call you again, allowing Trevor to join him in the woods.

As most GTA 5 Strangers and Freaks, Cletus’ missions are rated, and it is important to get a gold rating on both of them if you wish to earn a 100% completion rate at the end of the game.

If you don’t manage to achieve a gold rating, you can replay these missions later. The hunting locations in GTA 5 will still be displayed on your map, as long as you manage to finish the missions below.

Target Practice Mission Walkthrough

The first hunting mission Trevor receives from Cletus is called Target Practice. It features three phases and you must pass all of them to complete it.

For the first phase you will be asked by Cletus to shoot three satellite dishes while standing on a balcony.

The satellite dishes are static targets and they are marked on your map; therefore, you won’t encounter any difficulties in taking them down; however, you have to make sure that you hit all of them to get the Bad Signal objective.

After the first phase ends, you will have to drive Cletus’ car to a marked location and then follow him to another balcony. Once you get there, Cletus will ask you to hit three tires. The second phase is harder than the first, because the cars are far away and they are moving.

Furthermore, you have to remember that for the second side-objective in this mission (Pop! Pop!), you need to have an accuracy of at least 75%.

This means that you are not allowed to miss more than one tire. To complete the GTA 5 Target Practice Pop! Pop! objective, remember that it is not a timed mission and there is no rush. A good strategy is to aim for the cars that come from the right side of the road, because in the distance you will see a speed limit sign, which forces them to slow down.

Sometimes, if you hit a tire, the driver will stop the car and investigate it, forcing other drivers that are behind him to stop as well. If this happens, make sure you shoot their tires, because they count as moving targets. For the last phase in Grand Theft Auto 5 Target Practice you will have to follow Cletus again and shoot three coyotes while standing on a roof.

The third side-objective, named 2 for 1, requires you to kill 2 coyotes with one shot. When you get to the roof, you will see that your targets are divided in two packs.

Focus on one pack and be patient, because at least two coyotes will eventually align. While their moving path might look random, it isn’t. If you miss your first shoot, focus on the other pack and wait until two targets align.

Fair Game Mission Walkthrough

In the second mission you get from Cletus, you will have to kill 4 elks. Cletus will teach you how to avoid detection and how to call them, but you won’t get a100% completion rate if you don’t kill three of them with a heart shot, or if you are detected by any elk.

The GTA 5 Fair Game Heart Hunter objective can be achieved if you know where to aim. To get a heart shot while hunting an elk, you need to aim for the animal’s chest (if the elk is facing you), or slightly above one of its front legs. Since Cletus will accompany you for the first three elks, you should try to get the Heart Hunter objective while hunting the first three animals.

After you hunt the first three elks, Cletus will leave, and you will have to find the fourth one, which is nearby. Its position is revealed if Trevor uses the device he gets from Cletus. The Downwind side-objective can be completed if you keep an eye on the green arrow indicating the direction of the wind.

The said arrow has to point the opposite direction than the one where you spotted an elk. Remember to sneak, and don’t get too close. Additionally, you have to remember that the elks spawn in fixed positions; therefore, if you fail to complete the mission, you can replay it knowing where your targets appear.

Once you finish both missions you receive from Cletus, the Grand Theft Auto V hunting locations will be marked on your map, and you can hunt more animals for Cletus to sell.

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