Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages Locations Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages Locations Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages are the fastest way to earn money in Los Santos, but the Hidden Packages are hard to locate without knowing their locations.

The Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages Locations Guide below, contains a map which shows the locations of all 12 GTA 5 hidden packages and a series of tips and hints that will help you find them faster.

A GTA V Hidden Package includes a large amount of money you can spend in the game, but these amounts are random, meaning that one Hidden Package can contain $7.500 while inside another one, you might find $25.000.

Unlike the GTA V collectibles (Letter Scraps and Spaceship Parts), or other items (Toxic Barrels or Submarine Pieces), the Hidden Packages have no restrictions, meaning that they don’t require specific characters (Strangers and Freaks) or specific properties you must purchase; however, to get them, you will need special equipment.

A GTA 5 Hidden Package is in fact a briefcase containing money. There are 12 Hidden Packages in GTA V, and 11 are underwater. As a general rule, these hidden items are located close to the Submarine Pieces you have to find for Abigail, thus you should look for them at the same time.

Their locations don’t show on the Dinghy sonar you use to scan the ocean, and they don’t count toward the 100% completion of the game. Additionally, there are no achievements or trophies related to these valuable items. When you start looking for them, you should be aware that you need a scuba diving suit, because searching the ocean’s floor takes time.

Furthermore, next to these briefcases, you will usually find multiple weapons, ammo and other items of interest, that don’t exist in the city. The Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Packages can be picked up by any character in the video game that swims close to them.

To use the following Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Packages Guide, identify a location and travel towards it, preferably using the Nagasaki Dinghy Boat you get from Abigail to search for the Submarine Pieces. Once you get to one of the marked locations, dive and search the area for unusual wrecks such as old planes, boats or trucks.

Using the hints provided by the guide, find the hidden package, then return to your boat and move to a new location. The only Hidden Package that has special requirements is on the ground, at the base of Mount Chiliad and inside the Altruist Camp.

The GTA 5 hidden briefcase will not appear on the porch of the cabin inside the camp, until you bring three hitchhikers to the marked location.

Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages Locations

Hidden Package 1 – Near the tail of a large sunken plane, close to a hidden submarine piece.

Hidden Package 2 – Dive in the location marked on the map below, and find the tail of the wrecked plane. In front of the round section of the tail (middle of the plain), look on the floor of the ocean for a glowing suitcase.

Hidden Package 3 – When you get to the third position marked on the map, dive and scout the ocean’s floor for an old plane, covered by rust. Look under the plane for the third GTA 5 hidden package, which contains $8.000.

Hidden Package 4 – The fourth Grand Theft Auto V hidden package contains $10.000 and you will find it if you dive when you get to the marked location, and look for the wreckage of a truck. Behind the truck you should find a large crate and inside the crate the hidden package.

Hidden Package 5 – Inside the fifth GTA V hidden package you will find $20.000. Dive in the marked position and look for a large shipwreck. While standing above it, look down and check for the hidden package under a brown grate.

Hidden Package 6 – When you dive to the sixth location on the map, look for a steam ship, and place yourself in front of the large boat. Next, look under the wooden wheel on your right and you will find the package containing $12.000. Continue to scout the area for weapons and other goods.

Hidden Package 7 – The seventh GTA 5 hidden package has $7.500 inside and it is on top of a sunken platform made of wood, in the southern canal that separates the main area of the harbor and city.

Hidden Package 8 – The hidden package #8 is probably the hardest to get and find. Dive in the marked location on the map and you will find another shipwreck. Pay close attention to the algae around you; because the package is under one of them, which looks like a brown mushroom, at the end of the ship. The package contains $11.000.

Hidden Package 9 – Package #9 is on top of a sunken round container, near the hatch. It has inside $25.000.

Hidden Package 10 – Located on the upper deck of the sunken boat. Around the boat there are multiple weapons you should collect.

Hidden Package 11 – The eleventh GTA V hidden package is inside a large plane used to carry military equipment. Get inside using the hole on the back side of the plane and get the briefcase containing $12.500.

Hidden Package 12 – When you enter the Altruist Camp on Mount Chiliad, look on the porch for the final Grand Theft Auto 5 hidden package. It is on the porch, but to open the camp’s gate and to make the briefcase appear, you need to bring three hitchhikers.

Grand Theft Auto V Hidden Packages Locations Guide

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