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Grand Theft Auto V Exercising Demons Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Exercising Demons Missions require a specific GTA 5 Stranger and Freak, named Mary-Ann, as well as the Pulling Favors Towing Mission.

Mary-Ann is a female character in GTA 5 who is obsessed with all kind of sports.She loves biking, swimming and jogging, but most of all, she loves challenges.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Exercising Demons series of missions includes 3 challenges which are rated.

These missions appear on your minimap marked by letter F (Fitness); however, they can be played only during the day. When one of the missions becomes available, if you travel to the marked location you will find Mary-Ann, and you will be able to start one of her challenges.

The Exercising Demons missions require specific characters, in order to be completed.

The following Grand Theft Auto V Exercising Demons Missions Guide includes tips and hints that can help you beat Mary-Ann in GTA 5.

An important aspect for these specific missions is that they are focused on your characters’ stamina, which means that it is a good idea to play them later in the game, when your characters’ stamina is 100.

Exercising Demons –- Michael Walkthrough

Michael is the first character in GTA 5 who can talk to Mary-Ann. The Exercising Demons –- Michael mission is triggered after you complete the mission named Complications and Pulling Favors.

When you travel to Mary-Ann’s location you will find her performing her daily exercises. Her shape will quickly draw Michael’s attention, but she is not an easy woman.

Eventually you will be challenged to race against her. The mission is completed only if you get to the finish line first. If she gets there first you will fail the mission.

The 100% completion can be achieved by winning the race without taking any shortcuts. When the race starts, try to stay close to Mary-Ann and focus on the obstacles you need to avoid, such as civilians. Save your stamina for the final part of the race which starts on the beach.

When you reach the straight line, mash the running button as quickly as you can and take the lead. Avoid all people in front of you and stay in front of her in order to block her attempts to take the lead.

Once you get to the finish line, the race ends.

Exercising Demons -– Trevor Walkthrough

GTA 5 Exercising Demons – –Trevor, becomes available after you complete the previous mission in the series, as well as the main mission named Reuniting The Family.

If Mary-Ann doesn’t appear on your map, make sure you wait for the sun to come up, because Mary-Ann can’t exercise during the night. Travel to the location marked on the map, and you will find her arguing with her former boyfriend.

Trevor instantly falls in love, since he considers Mary-Ann the craziest woman in Los Santos; but to impress her he must enter and win a bike race. After the cutscene, start mashing the running button and stay close to Mary-Ann, but be advised that you are not allowed to touch her bike, if you want to complete the Good Cyclist objective.

You can take the lead faster if you stay close to the mountain on the right, but to avoid a possible collision, you can try to take the lead when your reach the street. When you get in front of her, mash the button faster and focus on hitting all checkpoints and avoiding the obstacles you encounter.

You are not allowed to take any shortcuts during the race. The final checkpoint is between two trees, while the finish line is behind several toilets. Make sure you don’t hit the trees or the said toilets because you will lose the race.

The second objective required for the gold medal (Quick Win), is easy to obtain as long as you don’t hit any obstacles.

Exercising Demons -– Franklin Walkthrough

GTA 5 Exercising Demons -– Franklin requires the mission named Predator. After you complete it, Mary-Ann spawns on the western side of the island, on the beach. Unlike the previous characters Franklin is not impressed by Mary-Ann, but he still enters her competition.

Exercising Demons -– Franklin features only one objective that must be completed to get the gold medal (Champion).

The objective is easy to obtain as long as you don’t try to cheat by taking shortcuts; however, the race requires a lot of effort on your side, because it features three phases.

First, you will have to swim against Mary-Ann, then you will have to use a bike, and during the last part, you will have to sprint towards the finish line. Again, the obstacles are very important and you must avoid all of them.

Try to take the lead during the swimming sequence and you won’t encounter any difficulties in beating her.

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