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Grand Theft Auto V Assassination Missions Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Assassination Missions are required if you wish to get 100% completion in GTA 5, and can be played exclusively as Franklin.

The GTA 5 Assassination Missions; however, are also important because they allow you to earn more money by investing in stocks. To unlock the first Assassination Mission in GTA 5, you need to complete the main mission named Fame or Shame.

These specific missions can be retrieved from Lester, and they are marked on your map by a green L. The GTA V Assassination Missions are also rated, and the following guide explains how to get the gold medals while playing them.

Hotel Assassination Walkthrough

GTA 5 Hotel Assassination is the first assassination mission you can complete for Lester, but to trigger it you have to complete the main mission named Fame or Shame.

Once you beat Fame or Shame, Lester’s icon appears on your map, but you can talk to him only if you play as Franklin. When you see the icon, go to an Ammu-Nation store and purchase a sniper rifle. Next, go to Lester and he will offer you additional information on your target.

You will be sent to Von Crastenburg Hotel where you have to assassinate Brett Lowry. Find a secluded place, in the parking lot close to the hotel’s entrance and wait for your target to exit the building.

Brett wears a red sweater, which makes him easy to identify since all his guards are dressed in black. Take him out before he enters his car, then leave the area as quickly as you can.

Multi Target Assassination Walkthrough

GTA 5 Multi Target Assassination becomes available only after you complete the Hotel Assassination Mission and The Merrryweather Heist main mission. Once again, Lester calls you and tells you that he wants to talk to you.

Approach the phone that rings when you get to the marked area, and you will talk to Lester who tells you that you need to take out 4 corrupted jurors. Before attempting the second assassination you should consider buying as many stocks as you can for the company named Gold Coast Development.

Now, find a fast car and head to the first location marked on your map. The first juror is wearing a black bandana and he is doing his daily exercises in Vespuci Beach. Take him out with the sniper rifle while staying close to your car. Next, drive to the second juror who is located on a boat.

While remaining in the parking lot on the shore, shoot the juror who can be seen on the said boat, in the distance. Drive quickly to the third juror and when you reach his location, look for a tall building and a window-washing platform.

Use the same weapon to kill the target that is washing the windows, and then drive towards the fourth corrupted juror who is riding a bike.

When you approach his location, look on the minimap and he will be marked by a red dot. The fastest way to kill him is to ram him with your car.

The Vice Assassination Walkthrough

GTA 5 The Vice Assassination Mission requires the previous assassination and the main quest named I Fought The Law. Unlike in the previous assassination, you will have to kill only one target, a man named Jackson Skinner.

Drive to the location marked by the green L and answer the phone to get the mission from Lester. Next drive to the location marked by a blue dot and you will find a prostitute.

Make sure that you maintain a safe distance from the prostitute and use a sniper rifle with a suppressor. Pay close attention to the clients that try to pick-up the prostitute and you will observe that she refuses them. She will only get inside a specific car, which belongs to your target.

The car is a convertible classic vehicle. Wait for her to get inside, and then kill the driver. Quickly enter your car and drive away in order to avoid the cops.

The Bus Assassination Walkthrough

GTA 5 The Bus Assassination requires the previous assassination mission, but it also requires a specific vehicle. After you talk to Lester at the location marked by the green L, you will be tasked to kill Isaac Penny.

Drive to the marked location on your map and you will find a bus. While driving the bus, make sure you make all stops, at the locations marked on your mini-map by yellow dots. Eventually, your target will trigger a cutscene, before trying to escape using a bike.

The moment you assume control over the bus, activate Franklin’s ability and follow the target. Ram him using the bus, and then exit the vehicle and the area, to get the gold medal.

The Construction Assassination Walkthrough

GTA 5 The Construction Assassination requires the previous assignment and it is the final assassination mission you receive from Lester. After you talk to him, you will be sent to kill Enzo Bonelli, who can be found on the roof of a building under construction.

Drive to the construction site, and take the elevator up, killing all guards you encounter. Take another elevator to reach the roof, and you will find Bonelli’s chopper. A requirement for the gold medal is to destroy the chopper; therefore, ignore the guards and take out the pilot.

This strategy will help you complete the mission and secure the gold medal.

Now, kill all guards and the sniper located on the yellow crane. Look around for a parachute and use it to make your escape.

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