Disney's Aladdin Classic

GOG Brings Back Disney’s 16-bit Aladdin, The Lion King, The Jungle Book Games

If it’s too hot for you to go outside and catch that rare Pokémon, maybe you should stay inside and spend your free time with some of the most beloved Disney characters, because GOG.com is bringing them back straight to your PC.

In a partnership with GOG, Disney revamped not one, but three iconic platform games: Aladdin, The Lion King and The Jungle Book.

All three 16-bit Super Nintendo hits are also offered at a discounted price and they can be played on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Each game can be purchased independently for $9.99, or $8.99 for a limited time, but you can also opt to buy all three of them, as a bundle for $19.99 (also for a limited time).

So for $19.99 you get the chance to play as Mowgli, Simba or Aladdin, and follow their adventures in 16-bit graphics, with the original sound and gameplay.

The Jungle Book was originally released in 1993 for Master System, and one year later for Sega Genesis, Super NES, Game Boy, Game Gear, NES, PC and Game Boy Advance. The video-game includes 10 levels during which you will get the chance to jump, swing, climb and throw bananas at your enemies.

Bagheera, Kaa, Shere Khan and King Louie are also present in the game.

The Lion King, was developed by Westwood Studios and released in 1994 for Super NES and Genesis, being ported one year later for NES, Game Boy, PC, Amiga, Master System, and Game Gear. In the game, you play as Simba who grows from a little cub to become The Lion King.

Last but not least, Disney’s Aladdin, will send you from the streets of Agrabah to the Cave of Wonders in a journey to find Jasmine.

Accompanied by Abu, and the blue Genie, you will be able to ride the magic carpet, collect gems, and fight Jafar’s lackeys. The title was released in 1993 for Sega Genesis and it was later ported for Amiga, MS-DOS, NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color.

All three Disney’s classic support Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10.

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