Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Collectables Map

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Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Collectibles

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Collectables Map
Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Collectibles Locations Map

Probably the largest area in the latest Ghost Recon video game developed by Ubisoft, Koani includes a large number of collectibles, all of them being revealed by our Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani map above.

The district can be found in the upper left corner of the map, west of Media Luna, and north of Mojocoyo and Remanzo.

Koani is an arid area used by the cartel as a deployment point for cocaine, and it is controlled by Boston Reed.

In Koani you have to complete 6 Ghost Recon Wildlands story missions as well as 8 side missions, all of them being covered by our video walkthrough on Youtube.

Additionally, while exploring Koani, you should be able to retrieve the following collectibles: 3 Weapon Cases, 6 Accessory Cases, 6 Skill Points, 2 Bonus Medal and 15 Kingslayer Files.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Accessory Cases Locations

Accessory Case 1 – The first Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani accessory case on our map, contains the T5Xi tactical scope and can be found by visiting Huertas Mine. Look for it inside a container, close to the northern fence.

Accessory Case 2 – The second case we have marked on our map is near a checkpoint. Clear the area, then look for it on a stone block next to a metal shack. Pick it up to unlock the POSP sniper rifle scope.

Accessory Case 3 – Visit the western Makeshift Runway to get the third case which includes the Folded Buttstock for the sniper rifle. You should see the case inside a green tent, placed in front of the blue toilets.

Accessory Case 4 – Travel to El Albergue rebel hideout and look for the fourth Ghost Recon Wildlands accessory case inside the solitary house. To get it, kick the red door first, then look for it on a workbench. The case unlocks the Micro T-1 & G33 scope.

Accessory Case 5 – South of El Arbol De Piedra is another Outpost you should clear to find the fifth accessory case in Koani. The case which unlocks a 12-Gauge Magazine (10) for the shotgun, is on a crate in the warehouse.

Accessory Case 6 – The last accessory case in Koani is inside the Combat Outpost we have marked on our map above. Look for it on a shelf, inside the armory (armeria), and retrieve it to unlock the .45ACP Magazine (15) for your handgun.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Bonus Medals Locations

Bonus Medal 1 – For the first Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani bonus medal, you will have to visit Koani Railway Camp. The collectible is easy to find since it’s located inside the armory (armeria). Once you get it, you will improve the car shield.

Bonus Medal 2 – The second bonus medal in this region, can be seen inside the Koani Air Base. Look for it on the roof of a building which is connected to another one by a small metal bridge. This medal allows you to carry an additional C4 charge.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Kingslayer Files Locations

Kingslayer File 1 – Following our Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani collectibles map above, travel to the Narco-Slaughter landmark and grab the document on the ground, near a van and a corpse. It unlocks the Bible Page – Nidia picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 2 – The second kingslayer file on our Koani map is at the end of a small passage. You should see it next to an altar and it unlocks the Inflation recording.

Kingslayer File 3 – Several steps away from the previous collectable, look for another file inside a small watchtower near the road. Get it to unlock the Tight Borders recording.

Kingslayer File 4 – Another kingslayer file collectible can be found in the mountains. Check our map to find its location and use a helicopter to reach it faster, then look for it near a small part belonging to a plane. This file unlocks Blessed Be Thy Duct Tape recording.

Kingslayer File 5 – Visit the Prehistoric Site landmark to get the Petroglyphs legend which is located on a wooden table in the small camp.

Kingslayer File 6 – In the central area of Koani, is the Salt Hotel. Look for the Business as Usual recording on a couch in the backroom.

Kingslayer File 7 – Clear the Koani Lithium Mine, then check the yellow building with blue stripes to find another file which unlocks the Desaparecido picture evidence. It is located on the ground inside an office.

Kingslayer File 8 – On the eastern side of Koani Air Base, you can see the large hangar we have marked on our map. The eighth Koani file is next to a small table, and it unlocks the Concealed Cargo picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 9 – Before stealing the plane from the western Makeshift Runway, check the green tent with a bed inside to collect Reed’s Flying License picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 10 – Move south from the previous location, towards the Shamanic Site and climb the large hill to see a stone table and on it the Kallawayas legend collectible.

Kingslayer File 11 – East from the site mentioned above is the Train Cemetery where another file can be found. You should see it on the ground inside a train cart. This file unlocks The Train Cemetery picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 12 – Very close to the 11th file, to the east, is a large hole in the ground. When you get close to it, you should see several dead bodies and the Flight Plan picture evidence next to a blue cover.

Kingslayer File 13 – North of Sacani, you can see another landmark named Mina De Sal. The collectible is inside a house which was destroyed by a plane. When you get close to the building, look for a pile of white bricks and on them is the Tough Landing recording.

Kingslayer File 14 – The 14th file marked on our map requires your presence at the Salt Miner’s House. Simply enter the house near a small fence and you will see it on a nightstand between two beds. This collectable unlocks the Salt Teardrops of Giants picture evidence.

Kingslayer File 15 – The final Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani kingslayer file collectible is found at El Arbol De Piedra. You should see it next to a white plane wing and it allows you to unlock The Boston Connection recording.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Skill Points Locations

Skill Point 1 – In the northern part of Huertas is the first Ghost Recon Wildlands skill point we have marked on our map. It is on a shelf on the first floor of a red house made of bricks.

Skill Point 2 – Travel to the Outpost marked by 2 on our map and look for another skill point collectable on some crates inside a warehouse.

Skill Point 3 – Inside one of the largest hangars you can see when you get to Koani Lithium Mine, is another skill point. Use the interior stairs to get to the upper floor, and search the small office. The collectible is sitting on a cabinet.

Skill Point 4 – Return to the Train Cemetery and you will see the fourth Koani skill point in the central area. Look for it inside another train cart close to a round billboard.

Skill Point 5 – In the upper left corner of our map, close to Koani’s northern border is a Crashed Plane landmark. The skill point can be seen next to a blue travel bag.

Skill Point 6 – Travel to Sacani and look for a large white building. Clear the enemies inside and pick up the skill point on the shelf.

Skill Point 7 – North-east of Sacani you can see Mina De Sal. The last Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani skill point collectible is inside a house with a red door. Kick it to enter the house, and you can see it on a wooden cabinet.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani Weapon Cases Locations

Weapon Case 1 – For the first Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani weapon case on our map, go to the Narco-Slaughter location and you will find it outside, on a rock. Inside is the MK14 sniper rifle.

Weapon Case 2 – Following the map, clear the Combat Outpost and look for the second weapon case inside the plane hangar close to the fence. The case contains the Scorpion EVO 3 submachine gun.

Weapon Case 3 – Last but not least, the third Koani weapon case can be found at El Buen Sal. It is outside a metal shack and it unlocks the SR-1 sniper rifle.

The video below shows how to find all Ghost Recon Wildlands Koani collectibles, following the same order as the one on our map. If you need additional help, feel free to use the comments section below.

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