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Gears of War 3 Game Guide: COG Tags Locations

The following Gears of War 3 video game guide reveals the location of each COG Tag from Gears of War 3, providing useful information that can be used by those who wish to unlock the Remember the Fallen achievement.

Gears of War 3 features exactly 15 COG Tags scattered throughout the game’s world.

Finding all of them can be a real challenge, especially because most tags are hidden; however the guide below explains were to look for these collectables and how to get them.

Gears of War 3 COG Tags Locations

COG Tag 1


For the first COG Tag, search the cell near Marcus, during his dream.

COG Tag 2

Act 1 – Part 1: Anchored

When the video showing Marcus’s father ends, search for a yellow container with a red skull painting on it. Shoot the body above the container, and the second COG Tag will fall.

COG Tag 3

Act 1 – Part 3: Homecoming

When you reach the locker room, mount the mech and use it to move the locker, then get out and search the small room near you, to find the third COG Tag.

COG Tag 4

Act 1 – Part 4: Helping Hand

During the first act, and the fourth part you will eventually reach a camp. When the gate to the stadium opens, go left and then go to the dock. Near the water you will see a body and the fourth COG Tag.

COG Tag 5

Act 1 – Part 6: Hanging By A Thread

When you reach the large bridge, with a turret on it, you will see two leaders. Use them to get down under the bridge and you will find the fifth COG tag.

COG Tag 6

Act 2 – Part 1: Shipwreck

When Prescott dies, look around for yellow container with a red skull painted on it (Crimson Omen). Go around it and search the ground.

COG Tag 7

Act 2 – Part 3: Forced Entry

When you reach the area with the Locust horns, kill all Locust before they reach the horns. If they fail to blow the horns, several Locust will appear through a door. Kill them all and then enter through the door they opened, and look for a cage. Near it you will find the COG tag.

COG Tag 8

Act 2 – Part 6: Airborne

When you exit the ammo store, you will be attacked by some spiders. Kill them and look around for a building with two levels. Enter the building and go up, then look for the red skull painting. The tag is located in the darkest area.

COG Tag 9

Act 3 – Part 2: Rescue

Inside the fort where you fight the Lambent Berserker, look for the Crimson Omen (red skull), and search the ground below it.

COG Tag 10

Act 3 – Part 4: Ghost Town

Before entering the sewers check look for a side room and you will see the Crimson Omen. Near the painting is another room and behind a small wall you will find the tag.

COG Tag 11

Act 4 – Part 1: Ashes to Ashes

When you reach the playground look for a large building on the other side and you will see the Crimson Omen painted on the exterior. Enter the building and search for a cabinet, to locate the tag.

COG Tag 12

Act 4 – Part 5: Bon Voyage

During the battle that takes place near the ship look for a yellow container. It’s near the exit and it’s marked. Go around and look behind it to find the COG tag.

COG Tag 13

Act 5 – Part 2: Blackout

When this part starts, take the Silverback and look for some boxes. Behind them, you should find a green button. Press it and take the elevator, then when it stops, follow the corridor marked with a 3. Look for the Crimson Omen and kick the door near it. Behind the door is the tag.

COG Tag 14

Act 5 – Part 3: Shattered Paradise

The tag is located in the hall behind the room with the large angel statue. You will be attacked by several Locust here, and on the other side of the hall, to the left you can see the Crimson Omen.

Make sure you look for a pot with a plant in it, because it marks the location of the 14th COG tag.

COG Tag 15

Act 5 – Part 5: Ascension

After you kill the queen, look in the dark area for some boxes. The final COG tag is behind them.

Gears of War 3 Guide
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