Gaming’s Biggest Losers

Often times it’s addictive, due to how utterly lost you can get in the thrill of winning big. Betting 5 dollars on black and winning a thousand or going all in on a hand of poker as you smile at your fellow poker players… It’s all very much a fantasy that doesn’t even need to be that intense to make us enjoy online casino games. The simple joy and adrenaline of something with stakes gets the blood pumping.
However, there is a dark side to it. The loss. When you don’t win, it can be devastating, even if you’ve only lost a tiny amount of money. When playing online, you should minimize your risk of fraud by using the top online uk casinos. Now, let’s look at those who lost….

Robert Maxwell

This famous tycoon of media was known all across the world with his UK fame being the greatest. Convicted of defrauding pensioners for insanely vast sums of money, the money he lost playing games online wasn’t even his to lose. This makes it all the more galling when you hear he lost over 2 million dollars playing almost all the roulette tables in a casino in London. I suppose being frivolous with other people’s money was his signature move since he managed to do this in under 5 minutes.

Jimmy White

World famous for his snooker skills, this man amassed a great fortune during his career, largely thanks to sponsorships and prize money. He then decided to spend it living the fastest life possible, doing his utmost to live up to the nickname of “Whirlwind”.
He actually earns a spot for two reasons. He not only managed to lose nearly four and a half million dollars over the course of his career, but the man actually managed to lose nearly 200 thousand dollars in one bad wager.

Akio Kashiwagi

This man might not be as familiar to you since he played baccarat. In a rare display of skill and aptitude, he was so proficient he was capable of playing his chosen game for well over 60 or even 70 hours per sitting, with stakes going as high as a quarter of a million dollars per hand.Ironically enough, he was atrocious at blackjack. He managed to accrue a debt of over 10 million dollars to various US casinos before his untimely and very violent demise of being stabbed to death in Japan.

Frank Sarakakis

A real giant in the industry of automotive transport, Frank was also a very passionate roulette enthusiast. Perhaps owing to his Greek heritage, he was rumored to be unable to stop spinning the wheel until he couldn’t barter with anything else to add as a possible bet or until dragged away. This explains how his debt managed to get up to a serious 15 million dollars.

Archie Karas

This man’s story is one of a rapid rise and an even more rapid fall. Starting with a handful of chips to go all the way up to a 40 million dollar net win at the end of a 3-year binge, he went overboard and got too greedy. This ended with him somehow managing to lose 50% more than his total winnings in just under a month. Afterward, desperate, he cheated and got caught, and was prosecuted for it.

Omar Siddiqui

A highly placed executive in a San Francisco electronics firm, this man was a welcome sight to all casinos. His tax evasion and defrauding of his company allowed him to rack up a 65 million debt to casinos with an added 21 million owed to the IRS. If only he had poured that ambition into his actual career.

Terry Watanabe

This fairly ordinary US citizen managed to somehow find a way to lose over 200 million USD within the span of only a year. His preferred game was high limit blackjack, rumored to be such because he enjoyed the thrill of the final card reveals every time.

Maureen O’Connor

Maureen did her best to justify being the only woman on this list. She used the fact she used to be mayor and had a charity to commit fraud on a gigantic scale. Alongside selling everything possible, she managed to lose around a billion dollars, before she was caught.

Harry Kakavas

The man who managed to lose over 1.5 billion USD in just a year loved to play, you guessed it, blackjack and baccarat. It’s like those two are warning signs. He even took it as far as saying the casino was responsible, for not stopping him. Somehow, the judge didn’t buy it and threw Harry’s case out.


Whatever your preferred mode of playing online casino games is, try not to emulate these people and if you ever get the urge to play baccarat or blackjack for high stakes… I recommend you run away.

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