Gamers, are you playing safe?

Protecting your privacy is a vital part of your online health. Gamers, you need to be aware that your data is valuable and people want to access it. Don’t leave your flank unprotected whilst you battle it out on League of Legends, find yourself a VPN.

Do you know when you are connected?

You may not even count yourself as one of the soldiers in the growing armies of online gamers, and yet you probably are. Many games connect to the internet. They do not have to be multi-player online portals to do so. They connect to share scores and to update content. Your game accessing remote servers represents a moderate risk from your computer and an even greater risk from your phone.

Protect yourself.

Self-protection is as simple as VPN. A virtual private network ensures that any data passed is first encrypted. This means a bigger challenge for anyone trying to monitor your online activity. The other advantage is that the VPN hides your location data.

Top 8 reasons why you should use a VPN:

No. 1 Speed things up – stop the throttle

Gamers in America may want to consider hiding what sites they are accessing to circumvent the new rights that have been handed to ISPs to throttle connections. VPNs that encrypt make it harder for ISPs to identify gaming traffic. Some VPNs even allow you to switch ports to circumvent throttling, the good ones configure this for you.

There are also VPNS for multiple devices and connections to have
unlimited access to different websites.

No. 2 Speed things up – go local

Match your VPN server to the same region as the game server and you can see a significant reduction in lag times. Have you noticed that many online games provide your ping rate (response time)? Keep this under 1000 for a smooth experience.

No. 3 Privacy – from your ISP

Say “no” to inspection of your connection! If you live in America you need to consider hiding all your data from your ISP to prevent them from marketing you as their product.

No. 4 Privacy – from the pirates

Gamers world over need to consider whether maintaining their pseudo-identity is important to them. There are those capable of taking an IP address and following the trail through to a real-world identity. They are certainly not in the majority, but the damage such a hack-attack can cause to your social-media life is immense. There are also those hackers who can find vulnerabilities in the game to steal data from your game account, or worse get access to personal data.

No. 5 Win the price wars

The global marketplace takes advantage of perceived buying power. Changing the location that you approach an online shop from can provide you with different price options. It can be worth your time to shop around by changing the location of the server that your VPN uses.

No. 6 Evade location restriction

Region locks can prevent people from downloading games. With a VPN you can select where in the world you want to access a store from, allowing you to neatly sidestep such restrictions. This can be a very simple method to get around waiting for a game to be released in your neck of the world. You may also need to do the opposite and appear as if you are on home soil. Connect to a VPN server that sits in your home country and there is no need to lose access to your favorite game whilst you are off galivanting.

No. 7 Escape denial of service attacks

Did an opponent just get personal and attempt to kick you out of the game by overloading you with small packets of data? By using a VPN no one can see your real IP address, and so you can log in with a new IP. Some of the better VPN programs have the ability to restrict attacks such as these.

No. 8 Take on the competition

You know you are good because you beat them all. Do you want to test yourself across the globe? Proving yourself locally is one thing, playing multi-player games in every region they are served takes it to a whole new level.

Is this all too good to be true?

A VPN does not represent a silver bullet to buy all your games for cheaper, getting them earlier than your mates and with blindingly-fast connections from your ISP. There are services that check whether they are being accessed by a VPN. In the arms-race of tech, there are always those looking for ways to close the loopholes. Stay aware and stay educated. While a VPN is providing a boost to your connection speed use it, if it slows, try another port. If it grinds down to poor gaming performance, try something that is fully optimized to suit your gaming needs. Here is a great example:

The VPN market is mature and reliable. It is as simple as selecting your service and installing your VPN. Some browsers even come with a VPN option ready to enable.

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