Game of Thrones Official Video Game Review

Game of Thrones is probably the most watched series in most households today. Recently, there was a new release of a video game based on the series, and it is equally growing by the day. Cyanide is the original developer of the game, and it has gotten a publication from the famous atlas from the USA. Atlas has published the video game mainly in North America while focus home interactive has equally done the same in Europe and Australia. MSN Watch Online will enable you to see the series if you haven’t yet done so.


The game is centered on the first season of the series and has two main characters which the gamer can frequently switch. The first character is Mors Westford and the second is Alester Sarwyck. In the game, Alester is a knight and acts as the heir to Sarwyck. Westford is one of the best night watch, and before earning this, he was equally a great knight in the Lannister house.

Starting of the game

The first thing that you do when commencing game of thrones is wiping the blood off a sword. Funny thing is you will avoid being stabbed by the sword a few minutes later. The game is as interactive as the series is and you will get stuck on your couch while playing it. As opposed to everyday activities, just like many other action-packed games, the game of thrones requires the user to make decisions based on a storyline that unfolds throughout the game.

Deep analysis

It’s alluded that you should not judge a book by its cover. And for this reason, to judge the game of thrones, we need first to open the cover and dig deep into the contents. A serious analysis of the game will give reasons as to whether it is worthwhile or otherwise.

To understand the game better, we will break it down into the different versions of the game below and how it evolved with time:

Game of Thrones (Genesis)

This is the beginning of the game, and it had its debut in 2011 as a PC game. The exciting part is that this first game wasn’t even based on the show but instead owes its existence to a book known as a song of ice and fire. The book went out late 2011, and the game has no familiarity with the TV show as compared to the book.

Game of Thrones (2012)

You can even say that the original game of Thrones video game is the reason why the TV show got some good hype and popularity. This game has generic characters and places and a theme that not many gamers would enjoy. Again one downside is that it is only available in PC mode in a world where technology has evolved drastically. Today, games are being played on play stations and X-boxes as opposed to personal computers. This makes the game a little low-standard.

The cries of gamers were heard by the developers and an improvement was made on the previous game in 2012. This new version could now be played on x-boxes (360) and play stations (PS3) as opposed to only being played on personal computers. As much as this is a positive for the gamers, there are still some flaws of the game that we need to look at.

One thing you will notice with this game, developed by cyanide, is that it has too many genres. This is something the developer would have adjusted so that instead of having several genres, the game can have one that is well developed for the gaming fans. However, this is an opinion, and it keeps on changing from one person to the next.

Again the game has no concentration on the Game of Thrones cast, but instead focuses on two random characters as stated earlier in the text. The action part of the game might raise your interest, but it is not well-crafted. Again the game has a poor interface that doesn’t give the user the right information. A critic gamer would look at the game and think that it didn’t go through the full development cycle. Be that as it may, this version still stands out as one of the most popular of all the others. It got poor reviews that made it challenging to release the next ‘behind the wall’ scene in North America. It was instead released in Europe.

Game of thrones ascent

This version was created for Android, IOS, and Facebook. It was released a year later in 2013 and cannot be compared easily to the other versions above since it runs on mobile. The game has a storyline that you follow while gaming. The player can give his or her allegiance to one significant household while building their holdings. The fun stops in the game after an hour of playing when you get timers for every action that takes place in the game.

Since the game is free, the only way to get rid of timers is by paying the fees needed, which some users find inconveniencing.

Game of Thrones (a telltale games series)

The latest entrant into the versions of the game is this one, released in 2014. It is by far the best of the recent games licensed for gamers. The best part is that it is available for all platforms including IOS, Android, PC, Mac OS, PS3, PS4, X-Box one and 360.

The game has enjoyed the attention and following from most gamers because of its great graphics and interface which when compared to the recent ones, is better and more advanced. Some of the weaknesses of the game include a poor optimization and a weird watercolor motif. Also, overall production has a bit of flaw that may hinder you from thoroughly enjoying the game.

Generally, the game of Thrones is an excellent game that is packed with action for those looking for games in that genre. However, it has its flaws which are stated above. You need to weigh the situation and choose whether it fits your specs or not.

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