Fuse Intel Locations

Fuse Intel Locations Chapter 5: Jodhpur Stronghold

Fuse Chapter 5: Jodhpur Stronghold also includes a vast number of Intelligence Items, or Fuse Intel items that can be collected in order to unlock The Inspector achievement/trophy, and the following video game guide reveals all of them, in order to help you find them faster.

Similar to the locations visited in the previous chapters of the videogame, Jodhpur Stronghold is a base controlled by Raven; which means that during the fifth mission you have to expect a strong resistance coming from your enemies.

The Fuse collectibles’ guide below presents every Intel item hidden in Chapter 5, offering a series of helpful hints and tips regarding their locations.

Mission Description

Location: Jodhpur, India

“The Jodhpur Stonghold was purchased by Raven’s upper echelon as a refuge for their high-value personnel in the event of an attack. Currently it is run by Naya’s father, Raven Captain Luther Deveraux.”

Intel 38/53

The first Fuse Intel in Chapter 5 can be found as soon as you enter the Raven base. Once you kill all soldiers you will be asked to hack the defense grid using a console on the second floor. Approach the console, and while facing it, turn left and look for the ventilation system.

Remove the yellow grate and enter the ventilation system to retrieve the collectible.

Intel 39/53

After you use the zip-line, to enter the sewers, continue to advance until you reach a closed gate. Once you open the gate, you will find yourself in front of a wall and you have to disable some lasers.

Climb the lower wall and then jump on the pipe; however, be aware that the second Fuse Intel in Chapter 5 is located to your right while standing on the said pipe. Make sure you retrieve it before moving towards the next objective.

Intel 40/53

When you reach the inner courtyard, you will eventually see a pool, located in the middle of the area. The exit point is on the other side.

After you kill all soldiers, advance towards it and turn right, following the stairs outside, because they will lead you to a hallway and at the end of it, to the left you will find another Fuse collectable on a small table.

Intel 41/53

Later during the fifth chapter, after you clear out the entrance hall, you will have to blast a wall to access the study where you will find Naya’s father.

Before setting up the charges, check the area where the said wall is located, and look for a display counter similar to a table. On it is the fourth Fuse collectible in Chapter 5.

Intel 42/53

After you find the previous collectible, blow up the wall and you will reach another chamber. Move forward, and after you follow the stairs down, turn right and continue to advance towards the other side of the room.

In the left corner, on a small white chair is the fifth Fuse Intelligence item.

Intel 43/53

In the room where you find Luther, after the cutscene, you have to check the chamber for another collectible. It should be behind you, on the left side of the room, while facing the exit point.

Take it and follow your team.

Intel 44/53

After Luther deactivates the force field, you will reach another room where you will be attacked by a large number of enemies. Once you defeat them, you will be asked to take the elevator to advance. Approach the elevator but don’t enter it. Instead, make sure you face its doors and turn left to notice a tunnel.

If you explore it, on the ground you should see a dead soldier. Look closer to find the seventh Fuse Intel.

Intel 45/53

Accompanied by Luther, you continue to advance and eventually, you will exit the compound. When you do, you must cross an area protected by a Gatling Gun.

Disable it, kill all Raven troops and then proceed towards the next waypoint, which is located inside a building on the left side of the Gatling Gun. When you enter, check the door on the left for a hidden chamber.

Inside, you will find a Fuse Intel, on the floor. Pick it up and follow your team.

Intel 46/53  

The final Fuse Intel in Chapter 5, can be found outside, in the area where you will fight a blue mech. Destroy it and follow Luther without entering the next building.

Follow the stairs up, towards Luther, then turn right, and then left around the main building, to reach a dead end. On the ground is the last Jodhpur Stronghold Intel item. Chapter 6 starts as soon as you complete the remaining objectives.

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