Fuse Intel Locations

Fuse Intel Locations Chapter 4: Raven Facility

Raven Facility, or Chapter 4 of the videogame known as Fuse, sends the Overstrike 9 team to Karakoram Mountains where Dalton, Jacob, Izzy and Naya have to investigate another facility in order to find additional information on the alien substance used by Raven.

Raven Facility is also the mission that was released prior the video game, as part of the free Fuse demo, but in the full version of the video game, you can collect ten Fuse Intel items.

The following Fuse walkthrough explains where to find all Intel items while playing the fourth chapter of the video game.

Mission Description

Location: Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan

“The Raven Facility in Karakoram was Raven’s primary tech development center. Before going Rogue, Raven used this facility to manufacture their Enforcers and develop weaponry for their soldiers”

Intel 28/53

After you deactivate the turret at the entrance, as well as the lasers, enter the compound and cross the first room. In the second room, to your right, you will see a yellow pipe.

Follow it around the corner, and on the ground you will see the first Fuse Intel in Chapter 4.

Intel 29/53

Immediately after you clear the depot where the first tram is located, follow your team through the next door, and you will find yourself in a smaller room, where several invisible soldiers will attack you. Take them out, and then look down, to see more yellow pipes that lead to a lower level.

If you move around, you can also spot the second Fuse Intel, on the ground; however, the area can’t be accessed from your current position.

Therefore, follow the next door and then head left. Descend the ladders, and then turn right to find a door that allows you to enter the chamber where the collectible is located. Now, retrace your steps, go back to your team, and help them defeat all Raven soldiers in the second depot.

Intel 30/53

Once you have reached the Cliffside using the trams, escalade the mountains and you will reach a new compound. In this area, you have to kill all enemies and remain in the courtyard, without advancing towards the next waypoint.

Place yourself in the middle of the courtyard, facing the waypoint where your team is waiting, then turn right to notice a smaller building, which isn’t connected to the main compound. Inside you will find another Fuse collectible.

Intel 31/53

When you finally enter the compound through the ventilation system, you will drop inside a chamber featuring multiple desks.

Kill all Raven soldiers, and then go right inside a similar chamber. Cross it, and on the other side you can see that the next waypoint is straight ahead; however, to the right, while facing it, is a door that can be hacked.

Make sure you open the door, and inside the next room, near the window you will find the fourth Fuse collectable.

Intel 32/53

Continue to advance through the base and when you enter the room where the Maelstrom prototype is located (notice the large prototype suspended on the ceiling), turn left and you will see an adjacent chamber.

Search the round structure in the center of the room for the fifth Chapter 4 Fuse Intel.

Intel 33/53

On your way towards the cold storage lab, after you defeat another mech, hack the next door, and you will enter a larger chamber filled with scientists and guards.

After you kill all guards inside the room, you can see that another wave of enemies will attack you, coming through two doors located on the other side of the area.

When all enemies have been dispatched, check the backroom and you will see two army trucks. Between them there are three crates, and on them the Intelligence collectible.

Intel 34/53

As you continue to push forward from one waypoint to another, you will arrive in a circular chamber. The floor is made of glass, and below you can see Luther interrogating a soldier. Wait until Luther leaves, then open the yellow grate and drop down.

On one of the desks in the room where Luther was talking to the soldier is another Fuse Intel.

Intel 35/53

Inside the room where the Raven faction keeps the Enforcers, you can find another collectible, but you have to pick it up as fast as you can, or the countermeasures will kill you.

When you enter the said room, turn right and on the small balcony you will see the glowing Fuse Intel, under a capsule that holds one of the Enforcers. Take the item, and then activate the Enforcer using the console nearby.

Intel 36/53

Inside the hangar where your Enforcer is destroyed (Hangar #04), if you check the room on the right side (while facing the waypoint) you will find many crates. On your way out, pick up the Intel item.

Intel 37/53

The final Fuse Intel item in Chapter 4 is located in the burning hangar where Naya is looking for his father among the dead Raven soldiers.

You can notice that in this area you can’t run; therefore, keep your eyes on the right side of the hangar, for a crate near the right wall, behind a forklift. On it is the last Raven Facility Fuse Intel. Once you complete the mission you will be ready to start Chapter 5.

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