Fuse Intel Locations

Fuse Intel Locations Chapter 3: Sheng Island

When the Overstrike 9 team arrives on Sheng Island, the third chapter in Fuse the video game, begins, and you have to start looking for 11 Fuse Intel collectibles.

The action in Fuse Chapter 3: Sheng Island takes place inside a compound controlled by Raven, and at the end of the third chapter, you will have to defeat Meilin Mao in a boss fight that will allow you to unlock Chapter 4.

However, until then, you have to find and retrieve 11 Fuse Intelligence Items, and some of them can be overlooked if you don’t know their exact locations.

The following Fuse videogame guide reveals all Intel collectables in Chapter 3, offering a series of hints on how to find them.

Mission Description

Location: South China Sea

“Sheng Island is a Raven military base run by Captain Meilin Mao. It was originally purchased from the Chinese as a port for Raven submersibles, but has since been retrofitted with a fully ICBM silo.”

Intel 17/53

As soon as you enter the base controlled by Raven, you should see a submarine surrounded by a large number of guards. The first thing to do, is to clear the area and then follow your team. Notice that they will advance towards a building and then they will go upstairs waiting for you.

Instead of following them, locate the room below the next waypoint (door) and look for the hidden Intel on the desk in front of you (as you enter the office).

Intel 18/53

As you continue to push forward, you will eventually reach a cliffside and you will have to scale it. Head up, jumping from one ledge to another, and go left. Above you can see Meilin talking to Fable.

Ignore them and continue to advance until you can reach the upper side of the mountain. Go left and follow the stairs down to locate a crate, and on it the second Fuse Intel in Chapter 3.

Intel 19/53

Once you clear the streets, in the next area, pry open the next door and you will enter another chamber. Notice that your objective changes, and you will have to take the elevator to the processing station.

While standing at the door, you should see a desk. Go around, and behind it, you will find another desk and the third Fuse Intel, next to a white box.

Intel 20/53

When you enter the processing station, go left through the next door and you will encounter several invisible soldiers.

After you secure the area, you will have to use a console located on the right side of the same chamber, in a smaller office. Near to the said console you will find another Fuse collectible.

Intel 21/53

After you place the charges inside the compound, you will have to exit the building by breaching a wall. Make sure that while facing the wall, you turn right and locate several crates. On them is the fifth Fuse collectable in Chapter 3.

Intel 22/53

Once you detonate the charges and cross the river outside, you will enter another building belonging to the same compound.

If you look around, you should see that the room in front of you is filled with weapons and ammo. Furthermore, on the right side of the same room, you can see some lockers. Go around them and check the bench for the sixth Fuse Intelligence item.

Intel 23/53

The seventh Fuse Intel in Chapter 3 is extremely easy to miss, because your team will divide. Its location depends on your playing character.

Assuming that you play as Dalton, or Jacob, after you find the previous collectible, you will exit the building and a Blackhawk chopper will attack the exit point, destroying all nearby buildings. Notice that Jacob and Dalton are located on the left side of the main street, while Izzy and Naya are on the right side.

Your objective is to regroup, and both teams must cross several buildings. Once you reach the other side of the area, and your team-members reunite, you have to retrace your steps, and explore the path followed by Izzy and Naya. The collectible is on the second floor of a building they have crossed. Look for it in the bathroom, on a shelf, next to some toilet paper.

Intel 24/53

After you find the previous collectible, and after you fight Meilin, you will finally enter the compound, which is similar to a Chinese pagoda. While standing in the middle of the first hall, turn left and you can see the Intel item on a small desk.

Intel 25/53

Several minutes after you defeat Meilin’s Enforcer, you will have to enter the sewers that will lead you to another area. Push forward and when you see the exit, stop, and look down.

On the left side of the main path you can observe a truck, and on the ground a dead Raven soldier. Near the soldier is the Intel item.

Intel 26/53

Another Intel can be retrieved while exploring the building featuring two Gatling guns.

First, use the Gatling guns to defend your position, then head downstairs and look for a yellow forklift, located on the other side of the building. It should be just below the next waypoint.

Intel 27/53

After you deactivate the turrets using the dual switch system, take the elevator up, then follow the next corridor which leads to another area where you can see some scientists wearing yellow costumes.

While standing at the entrance, after the cutscene showing the clamps you have to activate, turn right and follow the stairs. In front of you is a desk and on it is a dead scientist. Check the corpse for the final Chapter 3 Fuse Intel. Complete the remaining objectives to start Chapter 4.

Fuse Intel Locations
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