Forza Horizon Discount Signs Lcoations SW Map

Forza Horizon Discount Signs Locations

Forza Horizon Discount Signs allow players to get multiple discounts on the upgrades they purchase from Dak’s garage, while playing the racing video game developed by Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios, exclusively for Xbox 360.

Finding all Forza Horizon Discount Signs can be a challenging and time consuming task, especially if players don’t know their exact locations.

The following Forza Horizon Discount Signs locations guide explains how to find every discount sign in the game, and how to use it without having to purchase the Treasure Map featured in Forza Horizon.

A Forza Horizon Discount Sign is in fact a hidden collectible, which applies a discount of 1% for all upgrades that can be bought from Dak.

A discount sign is a red ad showing Dak on one side, and the word UPGRADES on the other side. Players who manage to find a discount sign in Forza Horizon must wreck it in order to get the associated bonus.

Forza Horizon includes 100 Discount Signs, meaning that players can get all upgrades for free if they manage to find and destroy all Dak’s ads. Additionally, as a side reward, players also unlock the Black Friday achievement.

Finding all Forza Horizon Discount Signs

To find all Forza Horizon Discount Signs hidden in the game, players have three options. One of them, and probably the easiest, is to purchase the Forza Horizon Treasure Map.

The Treasure Map is not free, and it can be purchased from Xbox Marketplace. It also shows the locations of all Barn Finds in the game. Another method players can use if the wish to locate every Discount Sign in Forza Horizon, is to use an online guide.

Since the area where the action in Forza Horizon takes place, is a vast one, the maps included in the following guide, have been divided in four parts. The purpose of the guide is to reveal all Forza Horizon Discount Signs locations, for those who don’t want to spend their tokens or credits, on the Treasure Map.

Using these maps, players can find each Discount Sign in Forza Horizon, faster. The screenshots of these maps have been recorded while exploring Colorado, without smashing any Discount Sign. Once discovered, a Discount Sign is marked by a red dot on the map, but if players smash it, the sign is marked by a grey dot.

The third method refers to exploration and requires time. Forza Horizon includes 216 streets that must be explored by players who don’t want to use any guides, hints or tips, in order to locate Dak’s Ads.

Nevertheless, players should be aware because not all signs are located on the streets.

Some of them are inside warehouses, behind houses, or in areas that can be easily missed. Those who wish to find the signs by themselves must fully explore the game’s world, and each street, while listening to their favorite radio stations.

Another important fact that must be known is that Forza Horizon Signs can’t be collected while racing, since players must be focused on their rivals.

Additionally, drivers should also know that these signs are randomly scattered through the game’s world, meaning that their arrangement on the map doesn’t follow a pattern. In other words, even if the second Discount Sign is close to the third, players may find the last one (#100) nearby.

After all ads have been found, players can observe that they can upgrade their cars for free. This rule also applies while purchasing car upgrades from Outposts. Dak’s Upgrades are not limited to specific cars or models.

A good idea is to locate all signs as soon as the game starts, because a car upgrade in Forza Horizon can be quite expensive, especially at the beginning of the game, when players have limited amounts of money/credits.

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