Minecraft YouTubers You Should Be Watching

Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has become a global phenom with over 250 million registered users, its own conference, merchandise spinoffs, and a multibillion dollar cottage industry. Many of the top personalities in the Minecraft world use YouTube to show off their skills and build an audience. Best-known personalities like PewDeePie have become household names, thanks to the attention earned by their massive earning power, but here are some others you may have missed:


522,000 subscribers and the world record for the fastest time building a castle in Minecraft survival mode (4 min, 20 sec). For the more discerning parent, Callum’s channel is family friendly, so you need not worry about the kids learning any new words that they may not be able to freely share. He also features a lot of day-in-the-life type videos, including a really cute one where he makes a long-awaited marriage proposal to his girlfriend in front of Hogwarts.


If you’re into Minecraft YouTubers at all, chances are you already know CaptainSparkelz, aka Jordan Maron, and his channel reaching just under 10 million subscribers! You may be familiar with his many hilarious Minecraft-themed music videos, but did you also know that Revenge’ – A Minecraft Parody of Usher’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love holds the world record for the most views of a game-themed music parody? Over 170 million and counting!


KJM has been building his audience since 2011, when he began a virtual journey of 7,800 miles to walk to the Farlands, the theoretical edge of the Minecraft universe. Today, he has made it approximately one-quarter of the way and uploaded an amazing 700+ episodes of his adventures to 375,000 subscribers. You can check out Kurt’s channel here, which also features content on his other passions such as Tomb Raider, racing games, astronomy and more.


Perhaps the most famous person from Gibraltar ever, Jeremy Sanchez, aka Jeracraft, has been posting on YouTube since 2007 and has amassed just over 595,000 subscribers. The channel features time-lapse video and how-to instructions to build complex, super-detailed Minecraft structures. Perhaps his best-known piece is the world-record, largest underwater Minecraft city, Atlantis, which features a giant statue of Poseidon. Jeracraft claims that each of his videos contains a hidden Easter Egg message, so watch closely and see if you can figure it out.


Just under 2 million subscribers, and only 19 years of age, Zek is best known for his Minecraft Trolling series. John Morin, as he’s known in real life, also publishes videos on Fortnite, skating, and some hilarious real-life skits.

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