Five Emerging Gaming Technologies: The Future of Gaming

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The gaming industry has been evolving. Each year, new technologies are developed to ensure the gaming audience enjoy immerse experiences, which involves their participation. Cutting edge gaming technologies allow bettors and gamers to experience games in a fully immersive way. Here are some of the most exciting gaming technologies trends of 2019 that can define the future of the gaming industry.

  1. Immersion of Virtual Reality

Did you know that 3D films existed from about a century ago? The technology just hadn’t taken the course due to the high costs. In recent years, we have experienced the bounce back of 3D technology not only in movies but also in the gaming industry.

The best part about virtual reality technology is that gamers are sure to get lost in the fantasy world that feels so real. The virtual reality developers are still in the process of releasing commercial VR-based gaming to the public. Some prototypes have been showcased in different gaming convections and they are receiving positive reviews from both game developers and the online reviewers.

  1. Open Source Gaming

Open source gaming is a type of gaming that enables independent game developers to produce web-based and mobile games through a simple and affordable process. This kind of gaming technology offers HD display as well as cheap and free to play games. The developers will not have to purchase an expensive software development kit to create new games and release them to the public.

This is why there are a lot of free homemade games available in the mobile market today. Games are being developed with the concept that they should be cheap to build and free or cheap to play.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Without a doubt, cloud gaming is the most exciting and game-changing technology for the future of the gaming industry. The cloud system allows developers to reduce the burden of creating a complicated hardware structure. The technology depends on reliable internet allowing gamers to stream games through video and file streaming means. You don’t have to wait for regular updates on high-quality games, just connect to a stable internet connection and get whatever you want. games will also be cheaper and easily accessible through mobile phones and computers.

  1. Augmented Reality

With augmented reality technology, games will see their actual physical environment as well as get information digitally, in real time. The technology is created to take you to a fantasy world while putting you on a dreamy experience. It brings gamers closer to unreal experiences. The AR technology is great to those people who do not find exclusive virtual stuff appealing.

In AR games, the players interact with the surrounding in real time. Users can develop digital images of a playground with objects that are not present. It relieves the games from the boundaries of a computer, TV or mobile phone screen and allows them to their own world.

  1. Secondary Screens for Gaming

The world of gaming digital has been highly influenced by the revolution of smartphones. Players can now access games through a compact screen of their devices unlike before where one could only play from big TV screens or computers.  The touch screen keypads are used to control machine guns, unlock doors, access maps and many more. This allows gamers to conduct different secondary tasks without having to pause to access the primary screen.

The mobile games allow gamers to enjoy different games as they go or from the comfort of their living room. In case someone is watching a movie using the TV, you can easily access digital games using your smartphone. This is why most people are always glued to their mobile phones, as they are addicted to digital games available.


More gaming technology trends are going to be developed and will hit the 2019 market. Based on the above technologies, it is evident that the future of the gaming industry looks bright. Game developers are now creating games that are more immersive, participatory and more accessible. Gamers can easily streamline online video games. Even though developers are always exploring and pushing the limit, we cannot predict the rate at which disruptions arise. The disruptions’ include government rules, security issues, users readiness and many more.

They say that predicting future technology is always inaccurate because no one can predict what will happen. Some of these technologies will be groundbreaking and as gamers, you just have to relax and see how they will shake the gaming world.


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