Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods Dog Tag location

Final Fantasy XV The Witch of the Woods is the final side-quest involving Dave, the hunter from the latest Final Fantasy video game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

As you can expect, The Witch of the Woods is more difficult to complete, since it is the final assignment you receive to end Dave’s quest-line.

To begin this side-quest, you have to complete Mountains of Misfortune. At the end of the said quest, Dave will disappear from Meldacio Hunter HQ, but if you open your map you will notice that a new question mark appears at Verinas Mart – Ravatogh, in south-western Cleigne.

Assuming your party is prepared for facing a new boss, travel to Verinas Mart – Ravatogh and talk to the tipster. You should find him in front of a store.

The tipster will hand you a note on which you can read “Head Hunter Gone Rogue?”

Additionally, he will mark your first objective on the map.

Before leaving the diner, make sure you eat a Smoked Dualhorn Shank to boost your party’s stats. If you can’t afford it, try something cheaper.

Objective: Head to Malmalam Thicket

Now, open your map and drive south, towards the quest marker. When you reach the parking spot, summon a Chocobo and follow the dirt path in the woods.

As you go up on the hill you will soon find Dave. When you talk to him, he will tell you that he is searching for a missing hunter, but he can’t enter the woods because of some regulations.

Noctis agrees to help him find the missing hunter, and Dave suggests that the search should start with a witch living nearby.

Objective: Visit the Hut for Information

The hut is several steps away from your current position. Simply go through the mountain pass on the left side of the dirt path, and you should see it.

Talk to the witch in front of the hut and she will send you to the dungeon. Check our Malmalam Thicket walkthrough for additional information on how to beat the monsters inside.

Objective: Look for the Dog Tag

After you defeat the final boss in this dungeon, head towards the tomb in the large opening, but before entering, check the rocks on the left side while facing the tomb.

On the ground, you will find the Sullied Dog Tag x 1, pictured above.

Grab the missing Dog Tag, to receive the next objective.

Objective: Talk to Kimya

Exit the dungeon and go back to Kimya the witch. Show her the Dog Tag you found, and she will send you to see Dave and deliver the tag along with a message:

“Only one true path, there is not. Follow not others, but your own heart you must.”

The dialogue also reveals the witch’s sister was Dave’s mother, and that she used to brew potions for hunters. Being considered a witch, Dave’s mother was sent to the woods, which became a restricted area.

Objective: Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave

Drive back to Dave at Meldacio Hunter HQ in northern Cleigne, and deliver the message and the Dog Tag.

Dave will be quite happy to hear the message you delivered, and he will handsomely award you.

This is the last side-quest available from Dave in Final Fantasy XV. Once you complete it, you can focus on other NPCs, such as Cid, Cindy or Sania.

The Witch of the Woods Quest Info

Description: “A tipster alerts Noctis that Dave has gone missing. He was last seen heading into the Malmalam Thicket in search of another hunter’s dog tag. Worried about their ally, Noctis and his friends venture into the woods.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 2,500

Reward: Mega Phoenix x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Perfect Cup side-quest.

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