Final Fantasy XV The Perfect Landscape Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Perfect Landscape Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Perfect Landscape Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Disc of Cauthess Photo location

Final Fantasy XV The Perfect Landscape is the first side-quest in Vyv’s quest-line and can be triggered after you finish A Stroll for Two tour-quest during the third chapter of the video game.

The Perfect Landscape introduces another FFXV quest-giver, named Vyv. Similar to Dino, Takka, Sania or Navyth, Vyv is a key-character that has multiple tasks for Noctis and his friends.

In Final Fantasy XV, Vyv can be found at Lestallum’s lookout, which means that all future side-quests you receive from him, start and end here.

It is important to know that unlike other quest-givers in the video game developed by Square Enix, Vyv will reward you with Gil, so if you run out of money, you should complete his side-quests.

As a journalist, most of Vyv’s tasks consist in taking pictures. You will start in Lucis, but his final quest named The Cursed Canvas, will require your presence in Altissia.

Since Vyv’s quests are quite accessible, you should attend them as soon as you can in order to get more Gil and EXP. Here is how to complete The Perfect Landscape.

Start by talking to Vyv at Lestallum’s lookout, an area you will reach in Chapter 3. The journalist will introduce himself and he will send you on your first assignment.

Objective: Shoot the Disc of Cauthess from the North

While tracking the side-quest, go back to your car and from Lestallum, drive west towards your first objective.

Park your car at Rydielle Ley Parking Spot, then travel on foot or ride your Chocobo to the marked area. Take the first photo while standing on a large rock behind some trees.

Make sure you do this when the sun is up, otherwise Prompto will ask you to wait.

Objective: Shoot the Disc of Cauthess from the South

After you take the first picture, fast-travel to your car, then drive to Old Holty Ranch Parking Spot, which is close to the Chocobo Racing courses.

Ride your Chocobo to the marker and take the second photo while standing on the rocks.

Objective: Report Back to Vyv

Now that you have both photos Vyv required, head back to Lestallum and talk to the quest-giver. In return for the photos you took, he will give you 5,000 Gil.

The next quest from Vyv is also unlocked and you should complete it as soon as you can.

The Perfect Landscape Quest Info

Description: “Noctis accepts a photography assignment from a mysterious man. Though he harbors suspicions about the stranger’s true motives, Noctis does as the man asks, and sets out to photograph the famous Disc of Cauthess in Duscae.”

Client: Vyv

EXP: 1,000

Reward: 5,000 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete An Eye for Islands side quest.

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