Final Fantasy XV The Mutant Marauder Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Mutant Marauder Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Mutant Marauder Main Quest Walkthrough
A Bloodhorn in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV The Mutant Marauder is the third main quest of the first FF XV act named Departure.

The Mutant Marauder begins the moment you complete the previous quest known as Hunter Becomes the Hunted, and after you find David Auburnbrie, a citizen from Hammerhead.

Dave will tell you that he is in charge with exterminating the varmints in these areas, but a mutant dualhorn (see picture above), injured him and he couldn’t finish the job.

It’s up to Noctis and his team to deal with the beast, if he accepts to. Make sure you strike an agreement with Dave, in order to begin the quest and receive your first objective.

Objective: Locate the Target

The mutant dualhorn, or the Bloodhorn, is located north from the location where you find Dave. Since The Mutant Marauder is a level 2 quest, you should attend it immediately.

As you try to leave the area where you found Dave, Ignis will approach Noctis and suggest that you should rest at a camp and let him cook a meal. Agree with him.

Objective: Make Camp at a Haven

Head to the Merrioth Haven campground which should be 400 ft. away from your location, and ask Ignis to cook a meal that boosts your attack. A Veggie Medley Stew should be more than enough.

Now rest, and in the morning you will return to the main objective.

Objective: Locate the Target

As you wake up, the target will be 0.28 miles away from Merrioth Haven, so start running. Approach the marked location to see your target.

Objective: Take Down the Bloodhorn

For increased efficiency while fighting the Bloodhorn, we recommend using a javelin. Staying in front of the beast is not recommended because his horns are extremely dangerous, even if you succeed blocking them.

The javelin has lower damage if we compare it with the two-handed sword, but it is faster. So, stay behind the Bloodhorn, and continue to attack until you fill the green bar that allows Gladio to use Tempest on the target.

When the bar is filled, order Gladiolus to use Tempest, and press the corresponding button to earn 3 AP.

Repeat this procedure to take down the beast and receive Red Tusk x 1.

After you defeat the Bloodhorn, Cindy will call Noctis to inform him that your car, Regalia, has been repaired.

Objective: Retrieve the Regalia

Head back to Hammerhead and seek out Cindy who is standing in front of her garage, next to your car.

The Mutant Marauder main-quest ends the moment you talk to her, and the next main quest, named The Errand Prince, will begin. The Gone Hunting side-quest also becomes available at this point, since you have saved Dave.

The Mutant Marauder Quest Info

Description: “Dave informs the group of a mutant dualhorn running amok. Up for a challenge, Noctis agrees to take it down.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 200

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Errand Prince main quest.

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