Final Fantasy XV The Ever Regal Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Regal Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Regal Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Aero Wax location

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Regal Regalia is the first side-quest received from Cindy in Hammerhead, and can be started by completing The Power of Kings main-quest.

While Cid is responsible with upgrading your weapons in FFXV, Cindy is the one who will improve Noctis’s car; therefore, all side-quests you complete for her will allow you to unlock better parts for Regalia.

Cindy’s questline features six side-quests, all of them being included in our complete FFXV walkthrough and on our table of contents on the right.

Eventually, these quests will lead to an upgraded version of Regalia, named Regalia Type-F.

To begin The Ever Regal Regalia, the moment you complete The Power of Kings, visit Hammerhead and talk to Cindy.

As you will find out, Cindy wants you to find a special car wax for her. If you manage to find the can, she will give Regalia a special treat that will improve the fuel efficiency.

Objective: Head for the Tunnel West of Weaverwilds

Open your map and drive to the objective marked on your map. The location you have to reach is north-west of Hammerhead.

As you approach the area, look for a mountain passage. Follow it, and it will lead you to a tunnel.

Objective: Obtain the Wax

When you enter the tunnel, you will be ambushed by a pack of goblins. The Final Fantasy XV goblins are weak against polearms, daggers, fire spells and light. All these elements and weapons deal 120% damage to the goblins you encounter inside the tunnel, so make sure you use them.

Additionally, you should stay mobile all the time, because goblins can steal your potions. Keep away from them.

After you defeat the first pack of goblins move deeper into the tunnel and keep killing all goblins.

As you can see in the picture above, the wax can be found  inside the tunnel. It is fairly easy to spot, if you look for a yellow sparkling object. Pick up Aero Wax x 1 to update the quest’s objective.

Objective: Deliver the Aero Wax to Cindy

Once you get the Aero Wax x 1 for Cindy, you can exit the tunnel by retracing your steps, or you can keep following the tunnel that will lead you to an area with multiple containers. One of the Rescue Quests is available nearby, and you should complete it right away.

Next, head back to your car and drive back to Cindy’s garage in Hammerhead.

Talk to Cindy to complete The Ever Regal Regalia side-quest, then make sure you install the Aero Wax upgrade on your car.

For finishing The Ever Regal Regalia, you will receive the rewards listed below and you will unlock The Ever Elegant Regalia.

The Ever Regal Regalia Quest Info

Description: “Cindy has received a tip-off about a rare Insomnian car wax, which she thinks would be perfect for the Regalia. Noctis and his friends head into the wilderness in her stead to find the precious product.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 150

Reward: Aero Wax x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Ever Elegant Regalia side quest.

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