Final Fantasy XV The Ever Illustrious Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Illustrious Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Illustrious Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Illustrious Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Regalia Headlights location

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Illustrious Regalia, is the fifth quest you can play by talking to Cindy in Hammerhead, if you decide to fully upgrade Notcis’s car and unlock the Regalia Type-F.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia, is more difficult than the previous quests you have received from Cindy, because you will need to enter Crestholm Channels.

In FFXV, Crestholm Channels is one of the most dangerous dungeons, and should be explored only with a high-level party. It is also a difficult place because it includes multiple levels and mazes.

Regardless, this is the only place where you will find the item required by Cindy for The Ever Illustrious Regalia side-quest, and the following Final Fantasy XV walkthrough will explain how to get it.

But first, make sure that you complete all previous quests from Cindy, then head to Hammerhead and talk to her.

As the mechanic reveals, for her next upgrade you need to enter Crestholm Channels. Our suggestion is to explore this dungeon after your party reaches level 50.

Objective: Head to Crestholm Channels

The Crestholm Channels dungeon is located east of Hammerhead. Look for the entrance at the bottom of some stairs.

Descend the ladder to enter the dungeon.

Objective: Obtain the Headlights

If you are familiar with the dungeon, or if you are also trying to beat the final boss inside it while completing this quest, you should know that the headlights are located in the room north from the second control panel you have to activate in order to advance towards the boss.

If you are exploring the dungeon only to get the deadlights, the moment you enter, head east through the passage, then follow the one south-east.

Drop inside the tunnel in front of you, then head south, and go right through the tunnel with a ramp. Take a left turn, then go right and follow the only tunnel available until you reach a hole with some pipes above it.

Drop down, then head east and jump over the small fence on your left side. Take the tunnel in the middle, and look for the headlight on your right side near a fence. Behind it you should also see a green generator as pictured above.

If you encounter difficulties in defeating the beasts inside this dungeon, or reaching the final boss, check our Crestholm Channels dungeon walkthrough for useful tips and hints.

On the other hand, if you can’t find the headlights, feel free to watch the video guide below.

Objective: Deliver the Parts to Cindy

Once you get the headlights you can continue exploring the dungeon, or you can simply fast travel to the entrance and return to Cindy.

The moment you give her the headlights the quest ends, and you will be able to ask Cindy to install the Enhanced Headlights component on Regalia. This upgrade will send away the demons while driving at night.

Additionally, you will also unlock the final quest in Cindy’s questline, a side-quest named Into Unknown Frontiers.

The Ever Illustrious Regalia Quest Info

Description: “A hunter tips Cindy off to the location of some Crown City-made headlamps. Assuring Noctis of their quality and utility, Cindy asks the prince to retrieve the lights so she can install them in the Regalia and make the prince’s journey a little safer.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 3,000

Reward: Enhanced Headlights x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Better Noiseblaster side quest.

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