Final Fantasy XV The Ever Elegant Regalia Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Elegant Regalia Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Elegant Regalia Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Redstone Shard location

Final Fantasy XV The Ever Elegant Regalia is the second side-quest you can trigger from Cindy in Hammerhead if you wish to improve the Regalia.

The Ever Elegant Regalia is more accessible than The Ever Regal Regalia side-quest, because the material Cindy needs is quite common.

The only requirement you have to meet for this side-quest is to complete The Ever Regal Regalia.

If you do so, and talk to Cindy again, you will automatically start The Ever Elegant Regalia, and as you will soon find out from your mechanic, to complete it you need to find a Redstone Shard.

While the quest will send you to Balouve Mines to get the Redstone Shard, you should know that this material can be found in multiple places.

For our FFXV walkthrough we will reveal not one, but two locations.

Objective: Head to Balouve Mines

If you prefer to follow Cindy’s directions, you can travel to the Balouve Mines dungeon and look for the Redstone Shard, before taking the elevator down.

You can find the material next to the dungeon’s entrance right near the said elevator.

Objective: Obtain the Redstone Shard

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to enter the dungeon, you can fast travel to Galdin Quay. Talk to the tipster at the diner to reveal all important locations nearby, then head to the Mineral Deposit north of Galdin Quay.

Notice that the Mineral Deposit is very close to the main road. If you check this specific deposit (pictured above) you will find Redstone Shard x 1, Yellowstone Shard x 1, Blackstone Shard x 1.

Objective: Bring Cindy the Redstone Shard

Now, that you have the material Cindy needs, is time to travel back to Hammerhead. Speak to your mechanic, give her the Redstone Shard, and the quest will end.

In exchange for finishing The Ever Elegant Regalia you will receive the rewards we have listed below, and you will unlock The Ever Gleaming Regalia.

The Ever Elegant Regalia Quest Info

Description: “Taking care of a complex vehicle like the Regalia is no easy task. To express his gratitude to Cindy, Noctis offers to find her the ore she desires.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 500

Rewards: Hammerhead Decal x 1, Racing Stripes I Decal x 1, Basic Color Samples x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic side quest.

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