Final Fantasy XV The Errand Prince Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Errand Prince Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Errand Prince Main Quest Walkthrough
Regalia in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV The Errand Prince is the fourth main quest of the first act available in the video game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Errand Prince is a very accessible level 2 quest which doesn’t involve any combat sequences; therefore, we advise you to complete it the moment it becomes available.

Once you finish The Mutant Marauder main quest, if you return to Cindy in Hammerhead, she will tell you that her father Cid fixed your car, also known as Regalia (see picture above).

After you take a picture with the car, Cindy tells Noctis that she needs some help with a delivery. Agree to help her and you will earn 50 EXP.

The package is already in the trunk, and your first stop is the outpost in Longwythe rest area.

Objective: Drive to the Rest Area

When Ignis approaches Noctis and asks him if he wishes to take Regalia for a spin, agree and enter the car.

The Errand Prince is a quest which serves as a tutorial on how to drive the Regalia in Final Fantasy XV. You can drive yourself to the Longwythe outpost, or you can let Ignis take the wheel while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

In this case, let Noctis drive.

Just so you know, you can’t drive off-road in FFXV, so there are small chances to miss the point marked on your map.

Additionally, during the night only Noctis can drive unless you fast travel to an outpost or a parking lot.

Now, head to the first objective, and when you reach the parking spot you will receive a new objective.

Objective: Speak to the Motel Manager

Get out of the car and look for the motel manager inside his office, near the parking lot. Talk to him, and while he takes the package out of the trunk you will watch a new cutscene, showing Noctis and Lunafreya 12 years earlier.

After the cutscene, Umbra will wait for an answer from you. Write back how excited you are to see Lunafreya after all these years.

Now, the quest resumes and your objective will change.

Objective: Head to Galdin Quay

Galdin Quay is an important outpost located in southern Leide. When you approach the car, you will notice that you won’t be able to drive manually anymore.

Don’t worry, this option will become available later in the game. For now, just select the auto option, sit back and enjoy the beautiful environment.

Once you reach the parking spot in Galdin Quay, refuel your car, then head down the pier.

Objective: Hop on the Ferry

The moment you enter the pier you will meet a suspicious stranger who will give you a coin. If you followed our Final Fantasy XV introduction, you remember that we recommended you to watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV before playing the game.

The stranger you meet on the pier is a key-character in the movie as well as in the game. If you followed our recommendation you already know that he is Chancellor Ardyn Izunia of the Niflheim Empire.

He will tell you that the pier is closed and he will give you Intricate Coin x 1. Make sure you keep that coin.

After Ardyn Izunia says farewell, you will receive another objective.

Objective: Investigate the Dock

Simply go around the dinner on the pier, follow the stairs down, and check the dock to trigger the final cutscene of this quest.

When you try to leave the area, you will be approached by an interesting reporter named Dino. Talk to him and you will start the next main quest named A Gentlemen’s Agreement.

The Errand Prince Quest Info

Description: “The four friends arrive at Galdin Quay only to find the dock is blocked. They search for an alternate means of sailing to Altissia.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 50

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Gentlemen’s Agreement main quest, or Kitty Catering side-quest.

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