Final Fantasy XV The Cursed Canvas Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Cursed Canvas Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Cursed Painting location

The Cursed Canvas is the last Final Fantasy XV side-quest you can play from Vyv, the journalist you meet at Lestallum’s lookout.

Unlike the previous side-quests from Vyv’s questline, The Cursed Canvas is a little more difficult because even if you can start it after you finish The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword, you will not be able to finish it until you reach Altissia.

This means that The Cursed Canvas has two requirements. First you have to finish all Vyv’s side-quests included in our table of contents.

Next, you have to complete Altissia, City on the Sea, the first story-quest in Chapter 9. This quest will take you to Altissia.

Once Altissia is unlocked, visit the Leville hotel, and call Umbra. Ask her to take you back to Lucis, and talk to Vyv to begin The Cursed Canvas. The journalist will ask you to take a picture of a spirit that haunts a painting.

Objective: Obtain Information About the Painting

From your current location, head to the hotel in Lestallum, and call Umbra again. Ask her to take you back to Altissia.

When you enter the large city, go to Maagho’s restaurant and check the hunting quests available.

Start the hunting quest named A Lost Painting but be advised that it is a level 32 hunt.

Objective: Find the Famous Painting Lakshmi

From Maagho’s restaurant take the boat to the Ministerial Quarter Station and enter the basement where the canvas is located.

As you get close to the painting (pictured above), the spirit will spawn, and Prompto will automatically take a picture of it.

To kill the Chadarnook use fire or light spells, because the demon is resistant to all weapon types. Ignis’s Enhancement is very important in this fight since it will imbue your weapons with the spells needed to kill this ghost.

Objective: Report Back to Vyv

After you kill the Chadarnook, first visit Maagho to get your reward for the hunt, then go back to Leville hotel, call Umbra, and return to Lucis.

Now, just pay a visit to Vyv and show him the picture Prompto took. Vyv will reward you with 25,000 Gil for this quest.

At this point all of Vyv’s quests in FFXV are completed.

The Cursed Canvas Quest Info

Description: “Startling news has reached the ears of Vyv the Media King. According to his source, a spirit haunts the national treasure of Accordo: the painting Lakshmi. His curiosity piqued, Noctis ventures to Altissia to see if the rumors are true.”

Client: Vyv

EXP: 5,000

Reward: 25,000 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Navyth’s Challenge side-quest.

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