Final Fantasy XV The Aspiring Artisan Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Aspiring Artisan Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV The Aspiring Artisan Side Quest Walkthrough
An Amethyst Stone in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV The Aspiring Artisan is a side-quest that introduces a new NPC and quest-giver in the video game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

His name is Dino and you will meet him early in the game while working on completing A Gentlemen’s Agreement story quest available in Chapter 1.

Dino can always be found on the pier in Galdin Quay. This means that all his side-quests start and end at this location.

Look for him in the lower area of the pier, behind the diner. Unlike Takka who is a chef, Dino is a jeweler, constantly looking for stones to create new accessories. Some of these accessories will become yours if you agree to bring Dino the stones he needs.

In FFXV, Dino will give you 5 tasks to complete, all of them being covered by our Final Fantasy XV walkthrough.

The first one is named The Aspiring Artisan, which is a side-quest that becomes available after you finish Chapter 1. At this point you should receive a phone call from Dino who asks for your presence.

Make sure you return to Galdin Quay, the moment you complete Ill Tidings story-quest, and see what Dino wants from you.

When you talk to Dino, you will find out that he intends to start his own business and become an artisan. But to craft his items, he needs specific materials. For your first assignment, you have to find and deliver an Amethyst Stone.

Objective: Head to the Specified Area

The Aspiring Artisan is a short quest, since the area where you will find the Amethyst Stone is close to Galdin Quay.

Open your map and you will notice that you must travel north of Longwythe Rest Area outpost.

Drive your car to the marked location, and when you enter the blue circle on your mini-map look for a large rock similar to the one in the picture above.

Next to it, you should see a smaller rock with red insertions. That is the Amethyst Stone you need to collect.

While this might be difficult to find, you can easily notice that the Amethyst Stone is colored in dark brown and the red insertions will help you identify it faster because most stones at this location are colored in light brown.

If by any chance, you are attacked by Imperial soldiers, use polearms or daggers to fight them off. They are also weak to ice spells, early in the game.

Finally, if you encounter difficulties in finding the Amethyst Stone for Dino, watch our video walkthrough below.

Objective: Deliver the Stone to Dino

After you pick-up Amethyst Stone x 1, drive back to Dino in Galdin Quay. Talk to him and you will receive all rewards we have listed below.

The Aspiring Artisan is now complete and you will unlock the next quest, named A Stone-Studded Stunner.

The Aspiring Artisan Quest Info

Description: “Noctis receives an unexpected call from Dino, the reporter-slash-jeweler posted in Galdin. He suggests the price drop by for a friendly chat, but the four friends suspect Dino has more than mere “mingling” in mind.

Client: Dino

EXP: 500

Reward: Amethyst Bracelet x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Power of Kings story-quest.

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