Final Fantasy XV Tails Spin Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Tails Spin Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Tails Spin Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Spircorns location

Final Fantasy XV Tails Spin is the second side-quest you can start from the arms vendor in Lestallum; however, in order to play it, first you need to complete Ace of Carapace.

Tails Spin is similar to the previous side-quest but it requires your presence in Cleigne.

If you can’t access the area because of the Imperial blockades, you should focus on playing more story quests.

If you have followed our complete FFXV walkthrough up to this point, we suggest you to start Tails Spin after you finish Burden of Expectation and obviously, Ace of Carapace.

To begin, approach the arms vendor in Lestallum, and see what he has to say.

Objective: Slay Spiracorns

After you receive the first objective, return to Regalia and fast-travel to the quest’s location.

Mount your Chocobo when you arrive at your destination, and head towards the river that crosses Cleigne. You should know that very close to the location where you find the Spiracorns, you will also find one of the Rainbow Frogs for Sania (The Frogs of Legend side-quest).

Follow the objective marker on your mini-map and eventually you will encounter a pack of Spiracorns.

A FFXV Spiracorn is a creature weak to normal Swords, Shields and Fire spells, all of them dealing 120% damage. We suggest you to avoid using Ice spells and Light spells because they inflict only 50% damage.

It is also worth noting that a Spiracorn will take more damage if you first manage to break the horn on its head.

Focus on warp-striking the said horn using a one-handed sword, and combine your attacks with Ice spells.

Your goal for this quest is to retrieve at least one Supple Tail, which should not be very hard since a Spiracorn has a 75% chance to drop one.

Objective: Deliver the Supple Tails to the Arms Merchant

After you retrieve the Supple Tail, head back to your car and then drive to Lestallum.

Show the arms merchant the material you brought back and the quest will end, allowing you to play the next one named Sting Your Praises.

Tails Spin Quest Info

Description: “The arms merchant will compensate Noctis for bringing him the supple tails of the speedy stallions known as spiracorns.”

Client: Vendor

EXP: 2,000

Reward: N/A

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Sting Your Praises side-quest.

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