Final Fantasy XV Swallowed by Shadows Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Swallowed by Shadows Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Swallowed by Shadows Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Swallowed by Shadows Dog Tag location

Swallowed by Shadows is the fifth Final Fantasy XV quest you can pick up from Dave the hunter, if you follow his quest line.

Swallowed by Shadows can be started by visiting the Taelpar Rest Area outpost, in southern Duscae; however, Dave will relocate to this location, only after you complete A Rocky End side-quest.

Look for Dave in front of the motel and talk to him to start the side quest, but be advised that while playing this mission you will be ambushed by level 20 beasts.

If your level is below 20 we suggest you to postpone it and focus on other assignments.

On the other hand, if the level of your party is 20 or above, talk to Dave and focus on finishing Swallowed by Shadows quest following our guide below.

Objective: Look for the Dog Tag

Once you start the side quest, drive the Regalia east, towards the marker on your map. Make sure you do this during the day, otherwise you will encounter demons instead of beasts.

After you arrive to the location, start climbing the hill near the road and when you reach the top, you should see a storehouse.

This building is protected by Hundlegs and they will attack you the moment you are close enough.

During the fight use a double-handed sword because you will be able to complete the challenge which requires you to break appendages.

Warp-strike while wielding the said sword for increased damage. A FFXV Hundleg is also weak against ice spells and machineries, so make sure that you equip Prompto with such a device.

You can use the Circular Saw or the Noiseblaser if you have them.

Use antidotes if your party members are poisoned.

The moment you clear the area, focus on the next objective.

Objective: Retrieve the Dog Tag

The Dog Tag you have to find in Swallowed by Shadows side-quest is inside the warehouse. As you can see in the picture above, it’s on the ground next to a wooden table.

Pick up Twisted Dog Tag x 1 to update the objective again.

Objective: Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave

Now that you have the item Dave is looking for, return to your car and drive back to Taelpar Rest Area.

Speak to Dave, hand over the tag, and collect your rewards. Once you finish this quest Dave will travel to Old Lestallum and A Backwoods Burial side-quest is unlocked.

Swallowed by Shadows Quest Info

Description: “Yet another hunter has fallen, and Dave needs help retrieving their dog tag. Noctis agrees to venture into the wilderness and find the tag for the sake of the bereaved family.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 1,200

Reward: Hi-Elixir x 10

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Backwoods Burial side-quest.

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