Final Fantasy XV Scenic Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Scenic Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Scenic Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough
A vendor selling Lucian Tomato in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Scenic Delivery is the first side-quest you can complete for Takka, the tipster in Hammerhead.

In FFXV, Scenic Delivery becomes available only after you finish The Power of Kings main-quest in Chapter 2, and it is a very short side-quest that doesn’t involve any combat sequences.

We suggest working on this quest, when you first visit Galdin Quay (The Errand Prince main quest), even if you can’t access Scenic Delivery.

Our walkthrough below, explains how to complete Scenic Delivery in the latest video game developed and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Objective: Obtain a Lucian Tomato

After you finish The Power of Kings story quest, if you open your map you will notice that Takka, the tipster working at Hammerhead’s diner, has a task for you.

Approach him and he will inform you that Cid told him to give Noctis a job. In fact, Takka has more than one job for you. For the first one, which is the objective of this quest, you have to find a Lucian Tomato.

Once you start Scenic Delivery, head to your car and travel to Galdin Quay in southern Leide.

The moment you arrive, head towards the pier and check the vendor on the stairs, behind the Chocobo post.

Select buy, then switch to the ingredients tab. Buy Lucian Tomato x 1 for 200 Gil.

The fastest way to complete this objective is to buy the Lucian Tomato when you deliver the packages for Cindy (The Errand Prince main-quest), because that’s when you will discover Galdin Quay.

Objective: Deliver the Ingredient to Takka

After you buy the Lucian Tomato, it’s time to head back to Hammerhead and complete the quest.

Drive all the way back, or fast travel to the diner, and give Takka the Lucian Tomato.

In exchange, you will receive all rewards listed below and you will unlock the next side-quest in line, named Hunters and Gatherers.

Scenic Delivery Quest Info

Description: “Cid has instructed Takka to put Noctis to work, and put the prince to work he does. Noctis must retrieve the requested ingredient from Galdin and deliver it to Takka.”

Client: Takka

EXP: 300

Rewards: Gighee Ham x 2, Leiden Potato x 2, Sheep Milk x 2, Funguar x 2

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Aspiring Artisan side-quest.

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