Final Fantasy XV On the Hunt for a Harvest Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV On the Hunt for a Harvest Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV On the Hunt for a Harvest Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Eos Green Beans field location

FFXV On the Hunt for a Harvest is one of the side-quests you can start after reaching Lestallum in northern Duscae.

On the Hunt for a Harvest is also the first side-quest in Furloch’s questline, which includes a total of three quests.

In Final Fantasy XV, Furloch is a vendor conducting his business at Lestallum’s market, and a key-character in Lestallum’s Finest side-quest.

After you arrive in Lestallum (Burden of Expectation story-quest), complete A Stroll for Two tour quest, then find Furloch at the market.

Talk to the vendor and he will send you to his farm where you need to harvest Eos Green Beans.

Objective: Receive Instructions at Furloch Farms

Go back to your car after you start the quest, and head south of Coernix Station – Cauthess.

Continue to follow the objective marker on your map, and you will eventually find one of Furloch’s employees, who is in fact Furloch’s nephew.

Talk to the man at the farm, and your objective will change.

Objective: Slay Voretooths on the Farm

After you receive your second objective, move south towards the blue marker on your mini-map. Eventually, you will find the field you have to harvest, but unfortunately it is protected by Voretooths.

If you followed our FFXV complete walkthrough, these beasts should not be a problem for you.

Simply use polearms, shields or Ice spells to take them out and clear the area.

Objective: Harvest Green Beans

Once the area is cleared and all threats removed, look around for a green field similar to the one pictured above.

Harvest Eos Green Beans x 3, then head back to Regalia.

Objective: Report to the Farmer

From Furloch Farms, fast travel to Lestallum in northern Duscae and find Furloch at the marketplace.

Talk to him to complete the current quest and receive a discount on all items Furloch is selling.

On the Hunt for a Harvest Quest Info

Description: “The proprietor of Furloch Farms needs help bringing in the harvest. However, with his farm situated in the middle of the wilderness, the job is too dangerous for civilians, and he must rely on able hunters.”

Client: Proprietor (Furloch)

EXP: 2,000

Reward: Discount to all items sold by this vendor

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Wild About Onions side-quest.

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