Final Fantasy XV Of Gods and Kings Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Of Gods and Kings Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Of Gods and Kings Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Tomb of the Tall location

Final Fantasy XV Of Gods and Kings is the fourth side-quest you can start by talking to Vyv, the journalist at Lestallum’s outlook.

Since Of Gods and Kings is a FFXV quest included in Vyv’s quest-line, to be able to play it, first you need to complete the previous side-quest, named Aftermath of the Astral War.

Once you finish the said side-quest, talk to Vyv again, and he will tell you that he is still working on the article regarding the old kings and that he needs two photos of the royal tomb in Fallgrove.

Objective: Head of the Tomb in Fallgrove

As soon as you receive the first objective, return to your car and head to the Fallgrove Parking Spot in Duscae.

Alternatively, you can fast travel to the quest location.

From the parking spot, mount your Chocobo and head south-west towards the objective marker. When you get close to it, the objective will change.

Objective: Photograph the Tomb’s Gate

Take the first photo while standing in front of the gate that leads to the Royal Tomb. You should see an icon on the ground that shows the location where you have to place Noctis.

Again, you must take the photo when the sun is up.

Objective: Photograph the Royal Tomb

The second photo you need to take for this quest, is of the actual tomb. Place Noctis in front of the entrance, close to the marker, and press the corresponding button (A on Xbox One).

The photo should look like the one above.

You also have to know that the tomb you just discovered is known as the Tomb of the Tall. Inside this tomb, you will find the Sword of the Tall greatsword.

Objective: Report Back to Vyv

After you get both photos for Vyv, return to your car and then fast travel to Vyv in Lestallum.

Talk to him and you will unlock Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration side-quest and you will also receive an impressive amount of Gil.

Of Gods and Kings Quest Info

Description: “Vyv, president of Meteor Publishing, once again comes to Noctis with a photographic favor: he wants a picture of a royal tomb to illustrate his special feature about ancient legends. The prince heads for the tomb in the Fallgrove to snap a shot.”

Client: Vyv

EXP: 2,500

Reward: 12,500 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Vyv’s Volcanic Inspiration quest.

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