Final Fantasy XV Mountains of Misfortune Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Mountains of Misfortune Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Mountains of Misfortune Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Mountains of Misfortune Dog Tag location

Final Fantasy XV Mountains of Misfortune is the eighth quest you receive from Dave, but in order to unlock it, first you need to reach Chapter 7 in the latest FF video game developed by Square Enix.

Additionally, you have to complete the Washed Away side-quest which is given to you by Dave in Old Lestallum.

At the end of the seventh FFXV chapter, the northern part of Cleigne will be unlocked; therefore, you will be able to travel to Meldacio Hunter HQ where Dave was relocated from Old Lestallum.

FFXV Mountains of Misfortune is a side-quest similar to those you have completed earlier, meaning that after you talk to Dave, you must retrieve a lost Dog Tag.

Look for Dave on the porch of a house in Meldacio Hunter HQ and talk to him to start this quest.

Objective: Look for the Dog Tag

After Mountains of Misfortune starts, you have to travel to the north-eastern area of Vesperpool; however, keep in mind that the enemies that you will encounter here are level 35.

If your party’s level is below that, you should delay this quest and focus on completing other side-quests to tally more EXP.

If your level allows you to undertake this quest, simply drive to the marked area on your map, which is near the Steyliff Grove. This specific dungeon is unlocked while playing A Party of Three main quest.

As you get close to the marker on your map, you will be ambushed by a Cockatrice.

In Final Fantasy XV, a Cockatrice is a large bird weak to fire-based spells and double-handed swords. Always use this combination when fighting them. Equipping Prompto with a machinery (Drillbreaker, Noiseblatser) is also recommended.

Move around your target and always attack from behind. When the target falls in battle, you should receive Cockatrice Crest x1 and Cockatrice Tail Feathers x 1.

Objective: Retrieve the Dog Tag

With the area cleared, look for the Dog Tag at the bottom of the ruins nearby. You can see its exact location in the picture above, or in the video below.

Pick up Polished Dog Tag x 1, then go back to your car and drive to Meldacio Hunter HQ.

Objective: Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave

Give the Dog Tag to Dave, and you will receive all rewards bellow. Additionally, you will unlock the final quest from Dave, which starts at Verinas Mart – Ravatogh outpost.

The Witch of The Woods, is a level 40 side-quest, and to complete it you have to beat the final boss in Malmalam Thicket.

If your current level allows it, you can complete it immediately after Mountains of Misfortune. If not, stick to our suggestion below.

Mountains of Misfortune Quest Info

Description: “Yet another hunter has fallen, and Dave needs help retrieving their dog tag. Noctis agrees to venture into the wilderness and find the tag for the sake of the bereaved family.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 2,000

Reward: Megalixir x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly side-quest.

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