Final Fantasy XV Lestallum’s Finest Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Lestallum’s Finest Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Lestallum’s Finest Side Quest Walkthrough
A Garulessa in Final Fantasy XV

Lestallum’s Finest is the fifth Final Fantasy XV side-quest in Takka’s quest line and can be triggered after you finish Everyone Loves Beans.

Since for Lestallum’s Finest you also need to visit Lestallum and unlock Duscae area, we suggest you to undertake this side-quest after you complete Everyone Loves Beans as well as Burden of Expectation, the first story quest of the third act.

At the end of Burden of Expectation, go back to Hammerhead and talk to Takka. If you completed all previous side quests for him, you will be able to start Lestallum’s Finest.

Objective: Buy the Ingredients

For this quest, Takka wants you to visit the marketplace in Lestallum and buy some ingredients from a vendor named Furloch.

From Hammerhead travel to Lestallum, and look for Furloch the merchant. You should find him at the marketplace.

Unfortunately, Furloch will tell you that he doesn’t have the ingredients you need because the shipment didn’t arrive; however, if you agree you can go and pick them up for yourself.

Objective: Find the Abandoned Shipment

Obviously, Noctis agrees to look for Furloch’s shipment which was last seen south of Aracheole Stronghold and north-east from Coernix Station – Cauthess outpost.

Return to your car and drive to the marked point on your map. When you get close to your objective you should see a large crate, protected by a Garulessa.

Since the only way to get the ingredients for Takka is to defeat the beast protecting the crate, switch to a greatsword and equip a fire spell.

Don’t use other weapons when fighting the Garulessa because you will inflict less damage, since the creature is quite resistant to most of them.

If you want to inflict even more damage, try aiming for the horn first. After you break it, all creature’s body parts will be exposed and you can continue attacking it until it falls.

Fire spells as well as all greatswords deal 120% damage, while other weapons deal only 100%.

After you kill the Garulessa, check the wooden crate nearby to collect Food Shipment x 1.

Objective: Deliver the Shipment to the Store

Now it’s time to head back to Furloch in Lestallum. Approach the merchant and show him the Food Shipment you collected.

In exchange, Furloch will agree to give you the ingredients for Takka.

Objective: Deliver the Ingredients to Takka

Return to your car and drive back to Hammerhead. Speak to Takka and tell him that you didn’t bring any ingredients.

As the dialogue between Noctis and Takka continues, you will find out that Takka tried to trick Noctis and sent him to steal the ingredients.

The quest ends after you receive the rewards below. The final quest from Takka (A Meat Most Magnificent), is also unlocked by completing Lestallum’s Finest.

Lestallum’s Finest Quest Info

Description: “An important ingredient is available only in the thriving market town of Lestallum. Takka is too busy to make the tip, so he requests Noctis to go in his stead.

Client: Takka

EXP: 2,000

Rewards: Griffon Breasts x 2, Saxham Rice x 5, Schier Turmeric x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Reliable Royalty side-quest.

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