Final Fantasy XV Kitty Catering Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Kitty Catering Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Kitty Catering Quest Walkthrough
Fishing in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Kitty Catering is a side-quest you can complete while exploring Leide, the first area in FFXV, but only after you finish The Errand Prince main-quest.

The quest giver is a white cat that spawns outside Galdin Quay, on the bridge that connects the pier and the parking spot on the beach.

The cat will not appear unless you complete The Errand Prince quest, so make sure you look for it after you investigate the dock and find Dino.

Since it is a level 1 side-quest, you should play Kitty Catering before finishing A Gentlemen’s Agreement, because it is also a short quest and there are no enemies involved.

Basically, the Kitty Catering quest serves as a tutorial that teaches you how to fish in Final Fantasy XV.

The first step is to find the white cat on the bridge outside the Golden Quay diner and see what the feline needs.

Objective: Obtain an Edible Trevally

As Noctis approaches the cat, you find out that the feline wants food, and a tutorial appears telling you that you should try fishing along the Vannath Coast.

The location is just outside Golden Quay, on the beach.

Once you reach the spot marked on your map, another tutorial starts. Here is how to fish in Final Fantasy XV, just in case you didn’t follow the said tutorial.

Use the left thumbstick and aim for the fishing spots (yellow). Cast your line and start reeling slowly, using the left thumbstick to move the lure close to a fish in the water.

When you got a bite, tilt the left thumbstick in the indicated direction to hook the fish.

From this point, reel continuously and keep an eye on the tension bar which has to remain white. To keep it that way, tilt the left thumbstick in the indicated directions all the time. Don’t stop reeling unless the tension bar turns reed.

When the stamina of the fish is depleted (the yellow bar on top of the screen), you will be able to pull out the fish. For this quest, you need a Giant Trevally, so keep fishing until you catch one.

Objective: Give the Fish to the Cat

Travel back to the white cat, try to feed the feline, and you will find out that your quest-giver eats only cooked fish.

Objective: Consult the Chef at Mother of Pearl

Now, enter the diner and talk to the tipster. Her name is Coctura and she is willing to cook the fish for you.

Give her the Giant Trevally and she will prepare the cat food for you.

Objective: Feed Coctura’s Cat Food to the Cat

After you pick up Coctura’s Cat Food x 1, go back to the cat and watch the feline enjoying the meal.

It is a spoiled cat indeed.

Kitty Catering Quest Info

Description: “In Galdin, Noctis comes upon a hungry cat on the pier and decides to reel in a fish to feed to the famished feline.”

Client: Friendly Cat

EXP: 600

Reward: Dragon Scales x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Howling Wind of Hunger hunt quest.

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