Final Fantasy XV Into Unknown Frontiers Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Into Unknown Frontiers Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Into Unknown Frontiers Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-F upgrade

Final Fantasy XV Into Unknown Frontiers is the final side quest you can complete for Cindy in Hammerhead, if you want finish her quest-line and unlock the Regalia Type-F upgrade.

Into Unknown Frontiers has multiple objectives and several special requirements, therefore our walkthrough explains how to complete each of them, and how to get the flying Regalia in FFXV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

One of these requirements and the most important is to finish the game’s story. This means that you have to beat Chapter 14 and The Cure for Insomnia story quest.

Next, you have to complete all previous side-quests from Cindy, including The Ever Illustrious Regalia.

Finally, you need to acquire three different and unique parts that will allow your Regalia to fly. These parts are a Strange Engine, the Warped Wings and the Unstable Stabilizer.

Objective: Obtain the Warped Wings

The Warped Wings are very easy to collect since they are part of the main quest named Engaging the Empire.

When you clear Aracheole Stronghold, they are automatically dropped when you destroy the magitek generator powering the base.

Objective: Obtain the Unstable Stabilizer

The Unstable Stabilizer part is also automatically obtained from the Imperial base known as Fort Vaullerey.

It can’t be missed because this specific fort must be cleared as part of the Imperial Infiltration story-quest.

Objective: Obtain the Strange Engine

Finally, the Strange Engine, is dropped after you clear Formouth Garrison. Unlike the previous parts; however, the Strange Engine can be missed, if you don’t explore Formouth Garrison.

Since this Imperial base isn’t part of a story-quest, make sure you investigate it after you finish the game, because it is a very well protected.

For additional details on how to defeat the Imperial soldiers inside these bases, please check the corresponding quests using our table of contents.

Once you get the final part, Into Unknown Frontiers will start automatically and it will be added to your journal.

Objective: Deliver the Unusual Parts to Cindy

All you have to do after you get the parts listed above, is to go back to Hammerhead and talk to Cindy.

Once you give her the parts, she will take your Regalia to the garage and turn it into the beautiful Regalia Type-F.

Into Unknown Frontiers Quest Info

Description: “Noctis and his friends have assembled an assortment of unusual parts from the imperial bases around Lucis. Unable to discern their purpose, they return to Hammerhead to have Cindy take a closer look.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 0

Reward: Regalia Type-F

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Better Noiseblaster side quest.

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