Final Fantasy XV Hunters and Gatherers Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Hunters and Gatherers Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Hunters and Gatherers Side Quest Walkthrough
A Daggerquill in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Hunters and Gatherers is the second side quest you can complete for Takka, the tipster in Hammerhead; but to unlock it, first you need to complete the Scenic Delivery quest.

In FFXV, Hunters and Gatherers is a level 6 side-quest so thread carefully and make sure your party can handle the beasts you will encounter.

Similar to the first task you have completed for Takka, after you talk to him in Hammerhead, you will be asked to bring him a specific ingredient, named Daggerquill Breast.

Objective: Obtain a Daggerquill Breast

The Daggerquill is a vicious bird that spawns in various locations across Leide, and it is the only creature  from which you can acquire a Daggerquill Breast.

If you have completed the Dust to Dust side-quest for Dave, you should check your inventory because maybe you already have the ingredient Takka needs; since you have fought several Daggerquills while looking for Dave’s missing Dog Tag.

For this walkthrough; however, we will assume that you don’t have the ingredient, or that you sold it.

So, open your map and check the area north of Prairie Outpost (northern Leide). If you follow the path to the Tomb of the Wise, you will eventually encounter several Daggerquills.

The Tomb of the Wise is a key location in the game’s story, because here you will find the first Armiger weapon while playing The Power of Kings story quest.

Check the path leading to the tomb and when the Daggerquills spawn, switch to daggers or use a firearm to take them out. These birds are also weak against fire spells, but strong against lightning.

Use your spells accordingly and warp attack them even if they fly above your position.  Kill all Daggerquills in this area to get the ingredient for Takka.

Objective: Deliver the Ingredient to Takka

After you loot at least one daggerquill breast, travel back to Takka in Hammerhead, and retrieve the rewards revealed below.

For finishing this quest, you will unlock the Emergency Delivery side-quest, along with the Hammerhead Hot Sandwich dish.

Don’t leave the restaurant without ordering a Hammerhead Hot Sandwich, because it allows Ignis to discover a new recipe.

Hunters and Gatherers Quest Info

Description: “Takka has an idea for a new dish, but missing the key ingredient. Noctis, must hunt down a daggerquill and bring Taka its meat.

Client: Takka

EXP: 500

Rewards: Cleigne Wheat x 5, Dualhorn Steak x 5, Leiden Pepper x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Emergency Delivery side-quest.

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  1. am i the only one that cant finish this damned quest? i have TWELVE of the breasts, and it doesnt offer to turn it in. it even has the quest updated to the turn in, but it just goes to the usual menu when i approach the guy. I’ve tried to find a solution, but all I can find is more walkthroughs as if it’s never happened.

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