Final Fantasy XV Hunter Becomes the Hunted Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Hunter Becomes the Hunted Main Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Hunter Becomes the Hunted Main Quest Walkthrough
David Auburnbrie in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Hunter Becomes the Hunted is the second main quest of the first act in the video game developed by Square Enix for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Hunter Becomes the Hunted is automatically triggered by completing the first quest, named The Pauper Prince, by a phone call Noctis receives from Cindy after clearing the third area of Reapertails.

Cindy Aurum, informs you that Dave, one of the citizens from Hammerhead, is missing for several days, and that you should find him.

Because he is located close to the area where you finish the previous quest, it is a good idea to start and complete Hunter Becomes the Hunted the moment you receive it.

Objective: Head to the Abandoned Shack

Start by moving north, towards the wooden shack. The objective is clearly marked on your mini map so you won’t encounter any difficulties finding the building.

Approach the small table in the corner of the building, and check the note on it (Mutant Dualhorn Sighting), but stay alert because you will trigger a fight.

After you finish reading the note, your team is ambushed by several Sabertusks.

Objective: Secure the Shack

The Sabertusk is a vicious creature, however those that attack you don’t pose a threat because of their level. Try using the two-handed sword when fighting them.

The beauty of this sword is its increased damage and the fact that you can hit multiple enemies at once when they attack in packs and in close quarters, such as this one.

If you don’t feel comfortable inside the shack, take the fight outside where you can move as you please. Constantly dodge and block their attacks, then parry and strike from behind.

If you enter statis, go outside and recover behind a wall, then get back in the battle.

Clear the area to trigger the next objective.

Objective: Head for the Nearby Shack

The second shack you need to investigate is around 350 ft away, and it has a windmill nearby.

As you approach the area, Ignis will come up with a plan and will suggest you to use the windmill to gain an advantage against the Sabertusks.

Objective: Eliminate the Pack of Sabertusks

The tactics remain the same as in the previous battle, but try to warp to the windmill during the fight because you will earn additional AP.

The weapon you should use in this fight is the two-handed sword because of its damage. Once you eliminate all Sabertusks, David Auburnbrie will come out of a shack nearby and the Hunter Becomes the Hunted quest ends.

When David asks you if you want to help him hunt down the Mutant Dualhorn, agree to do it so you can start the next main quest.

David Auburnbrie is also a quest-giver and your client for the Gone Hunting side-quest, and the rest that follow after that. For now, though, you should stick to the main quest. In this case, it is The Mutant Marauder.

Hunter Becomes the Hunted Quest Info

Description: “A hunter named Dave, charged with exterminating the pests around Hammerhead, has gone missing. Cindy asks Noctis to track him down.”

Client: Cindy

EXP: 150

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Mutant Marauder main quest.

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