Final Fantasy XV Everyone Loves Beans Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Everyone Loves Beans Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Everyone Loves Beans Side Quest Walkthrough
A pack of Havocfangs in Final Fantasy XV

Everyone Loves Beans is a Final Fantasy XV side-quest available from Takka, the tipster in Hammerhead.

It is the fourth side-quest you can start by talking to Takka, but in order to play it, first you need to complete Emergency Delivery and all previous quests from Takka’s quest-line.

In FFXV, Everyone Loves Beans requires your presence in Cleigne area which means that you also need to progress through the game’s story until you remove the Imperial blockades.

After you finish Emergency Delivery and you gain access to all areas, just talk to Takka and he will tell you that he is running low on beans because of his supplier.

In fact, the supplier’s van was attacked by a pack of Havocfangs that must be removed by Noctis and his team.

After you start this quest, open your map and notice the objective marker south-east from Tollhends Stronghold parking spot.

Objective: Take Out the Meddlesome Monsters

Drive to the marked point on your map, but be advised that Everyone Loves Beans is a level 22 Final Fantasy XV side-quest, which means that your party’s level must be close to level 20.

If you followed our FFXV walkthrough and our suggestions, your level should be 35 by now, making Everyone Loves Beans a very accessible quest.

The Havocfangs and the van you are looking are very close to the main road. Look for them between some rocks.

When you engage Havocfangs in Final Fantasy XV, use daggers, greatswords or ice spells for increased damage. All of them inflict 120% damage to these creatures.

Additionally, try to move constantly, because a Havocfang is a fast creature. Blocking and parrying its attacks is very useful, allowing you to link strike for even more damage.

Objective: Report Back to Takka

Once you clear the area and free the van carrying the beans for Takka, return to Hammerhead. Tell Takka that you secured the van, and the quest will end.

In addition to the rewards revealed below, you will also unlock a new quest named Lestallum’s Finest.

Everyone Loves Beans Quest Info

Description: “Takka is running low on ingredients again. Noctis agrees to drive away the beasts that are blocking the supply route, and deliver the beans to Takka’s Pit Stop.

Client: Takka

EXP: 1,500

Rewards: Leiden Pepper x 5, Killer Tomato x 5, Hulldagh Nutmeg x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Lestallum’s Finest side-quest.

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