Final Fantasy XV Emergency Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Emergency Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Emergency Delivery Side Quest Walkthrough
A pack of Garulas in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Emergency Delivery is the third side-quest you have to complete for Takka if you intend to reach the end of his quest-line, but unlike the previous two (Scenic Delivery and Hunters and Gatherers), for this side quest you need to unlock Duscae.

This means that after you finish Hunters and Gatherers, you have to focus on advancing the game’s story, to unlock the second area in FFXV.

Once you complete Burden of Expectation main quest, and find Iris in Lestallum, travel back to Hammerhead to begin Emergency Delivery.

During your short conversation with Takka inside his diner, you will discover that once again he is missing a very important ingredient for his meals. This ingredient is known as Garula Sirloin.

Objective: Obtain a Garula Sirloin

The Final Fantasy XV Garula Sirloin ingredient is obtained only from the beasts named Garulas.

Again, for our walkthrough we will assume that you don’t have any Garula Sirloins from hunting these beasts in free roam, and you need one to complete the quest.

After you start Emergency Delivery, open your map and travel to Coernix Station – Alstor outpost in Duscae. From there, head south towards the area marked on your map.

Eventually you should find a pack of Garulas just north of Alstor Slough.

Before engaging the large beasts, equip a fire spell, a two-handed sword or a firearm. These are the weapons you should use when you fight a Garula in Final Fantasy XV, because all of these weapons deal 120% damage.

Ice spells won’t harm a Garula too much because they inflict only 50% damage.

During the fight, attack the creature’s sides and stay on the move to avoid frontal attacks. Since the Garula is weak against firearms, Prompto’s Piercer technique should also be used as often as possible.

Kill every Garula in the marked area, in order to obtain the Garula Sirloin for Takka.

Objective: Deliver the Ingredient to Takka

When you finally get the Garula Sirloin, go back to Takka in Hammerhead and give him the ingredient he needs for his dish.

In exchange, you will receive the rewards we have listed below, and you will also unlock Takka’s next quest named Everyone Loves Beans; however, you will be able to play it only after you unlock Cleigne.

Emergency Delivery Quest Info

Description: “Takka has run out of a key ingredient. Unless something is done, he won’t be able to serve his diner’s meat specials. Noctis and his friends go off to hunt for the meat Takka needs.

Client: Takka

EXP: 1,000

Rewards: Cleigne Wheat x 5, Killer Tomato x 5, Saxham Rice x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Ever Regal Regalia side-quest.

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