Final Fantasy XV Dust to Dust Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Dust to Dust Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Dust to Dust Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Dust to Dust Dog Tag location

Final Fantasy XV Dust to Dust is a side-quest available in Leide area of FFXV, and the second quest you receive from Dave, but only after you complete Gone Hunting.

Even if Dust to Dust is a level 8 side-quest, we suggest you to play it before heading forward with Dino, at the end of A Gentlemen’s Agreement main quest.

Finishing Dust to Dust immediately after Gone Hunting, will allow you to level up and have better stats; therefore, Ill Tidings (the last main quest of Chapter 1) will be easier to undertake.

The moment you complete Gone Hunting, travel to the Prairie outpost in northern Leide and look for Dave behind a shack, and near a black car.

Approach Dave and he will tell you that he is looking for another Dog Tag.

Objective: Look for the Dog Tag

From your current location, if you open your map, you will notice that you need to travel south. Stop at the camp nearby (Lepellieth Haven) if the night is coming, and eat something to gain a small attack boost.

Try the Croque Madame, and wait until morning.

Now, head south until you reach the area marked on your map. As you can see, the Dog Tag is well protected.

Objective: Retrieve the Dog Tag

The Anaks and the Anak Calves you see nearby are quite peaceful, so you don’t have to engage them, unless you are looking for a longer fight.

The Daggerquills that spawn on the other hand, are not as peaceful, so be careful.

When fighting a Daggerquill we suggest using the two-handed sword, because it is capable to take them out with a single hit.

Simply warp and hit them hard. If by accident you engage an Anak, the whole pack will attack you. Keep using the two-handed sword and you won’t encounter any difficulties.

During this fight, you will loot several Daggerquill Breasts. Don’t waste them and don’t sell them, because you will need these items for Hunters and Gatherers side-quest.

Clear the area, and then check the black car nearby (see image above) to find the Dog Tag. Pick up the Bent Dog Tag x 1 to update the quest’s objective.

Objective: Deliver the Dog Tag to Dave

For the final objective of this quest, return to the Prairie outpost and look for Dave. He will thank you for bringing him the Dog Tag and give you the rewards below.

After you finish this quest, Dave will move to Lestallum, but you won’t be able to reach the location unless you finish the Declaration of War main-quest.

In Lestallum you can start the Final Resting Plains if you talk to him.

Dust to Dust Quest Info

Description: “Yet another hunter has fallen, and Dave needs help retrieving their dog tag. Noctis agrees to venture into the wilderness and find the tag for the sake of the bereaved family.”

Client: Dave

EXP: 600

Reward: Mega-Potion x 5

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Kitty Catering side-quest.

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