Final Fantasy XV Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic Side Quest Walkthrough
A Metal Scrap location in Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV Cid Sophiar Master Mechanic is another side-quest you can start from Cid in Hammerhead, but unlike A Better Engine Blade, to be able to play it, first you need to finish Ill Tidings main-quest and the first chapter of the video-game developed by Square Enix.

In Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic, Cindy’s grandfather will agree to upgrade Noctis’s Drain Lance if you bring him a Metal Scrap.

The Drain Lance is obtained during the final battle of the first chapter, which means that you can’t play this quest before finishing Ill Tidings.

If by any chance you sold the Drain Lance (as reported by multiple players on our YouTube channel), try looking for another one while fighting the imperial soldiers.

Assuming that you didn’t sell the weapon, and that you finished the first chapter in FFXV, go back to Hammerhead and talk to Cid.

Objective: Find a Metal Scrap for Cid

Again, the first thing you should do, is to check your inventory and look for a Metal Scrap you may have found while exploring the world.

If you don’t have one, or if you sold it, drive to Galdin Quay. Check the diner on the dock, and while looking at Coctura (Berried Memories side quest), turn right and notice the sparkling object near the large plant pot.

Coctura is the tipster in Galdin Quay, while the exact Metal Scrap location can be observed in the picture above.

Just like the Rusted Bit, the Metal Scrap is a common material and collectible in Final Fantasy XV.

Objective: Give the Metal Scrap to Cid

Once you get the material required to upgrade your new Drain Lance, drive back to Hammerhead.

Talk to Cid, and give him the weapon and the Metal Scrap. If you didn’t start other side quests in Cid’s questline, and if he is not working on other upgrades, Cid will hand you the Drain Lance II immediately.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t, it means that he is working on other weapons and you need to complete those side-quests first. Check our table of contents on this page for additional information on all of Cid’s quests.

Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic Quest Info

Description: “Following a clash with imperial forces, the party picked up a weapon which turns out to be of Lucian origin. If Noctis can obtain a metal scrap, Cid claims he can enhance it.”

Client: Cid

EXP: 500

Reward: Drain Lance II x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Ever Gleaming Regalia side-quest.

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