Final Fantasy XV An Eye for Islands Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV An Eye for Islands Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV An Eye for Islands Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Angelgard location

An Eye for Islands, is the second Final Fantasy XV side-quest available from Vyv, at Lestallum’s lookout.

The only requirement you have to meet in order to start An Eye for Islands quest in FFXV, is to complete the previous side-quest (The Perfect Landscape) in Vyv’s questline.

After you finish The Perfect Landscape, talk to Vyv again, and he will tell you that he has a new job for you.

This time, the journalist needs shots of Angelgard, which is an island close to Galdin Quay.

Objective: Head to Galdin Quay

After you start the quest, which is very easy to complete, head back to Regalia, and fast travel to Galdin Quay in southern Leide.

Objective: Take an Attractive Photo of Angelgard

When you arrive at Galdin Quay, cross the dock that connects the parking spot and the diner.

Go around the restaurant, and head downstairs to Dino’s location (A Gentlemen’s Agreement story quest).

Close to Dino the jeweler, you should see an icon that marks one of the locations from where you can take a picture.

Again, it is important to take the photo during the day. At night, Prompto will refuse taking the picture.

While facing the water, take a pic with the large island on the horizon. It should be similar to the one above.

Objective: Report Back to Vyv

Head back to your car, and drive back to Lestallum.

Show Vyv the photo with Umbral Isle of Angelgard, and in exchange for your service you will receive 7,500 Gil.

Aftermath of the Astral War side quest is also unlocked when you finish An Eye for Islands.

An Eye for Islands Quest Info

Description: “Noctis accepts another photography assignment from Vyv, who works for a publishing company. Spurred on by the prospect of having their picture make the cover of a magazine, Noctis and his friends head to Galdin Quay to get a shot of the Umbral Isle of Angelgard.”

Client: Vyv

EXP: 1,500

Reward: 7,500 Gil

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Aftermath of the Astral War side quest.

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