Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Yellow Frog location

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs is the second side-quest you can start by talking to Sania, the NPC featured in the latest FFXV video game developed by Square Enix.

A Professor’s Protégé Yellow Frogs is very similar to the first side quest covered by our complete FFXV walkthrough, the only difference being that instead of catching Red Frogs, now you need to catch Yellow Frogs.

Furthermore, unlike A Professor’s Protégé quest, if you wish to play A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs you have to travel to Cauthess Rest Area Outpost, in southern Duscae.

A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs can be played only after you complete A Professor’s Protégé.

When you reach the Cauthess Rest Area Outpost look for Sania on the upper balcony of the red house near the dinner.

Talk to her, and she will send you to a specific location.

Objective: Head to the Specified Area

Open your map, and while tracking this side-quest you will see that you need to travel east.

The area you have to reach is south of Kettier Highland Parking Spot. If you take a closer look you should see a small lake named Forgotten Pool.

So, drive to Kettier Highland Parking Spot, then ride your Chocobo to the Forgotten Pool.

Objective: Catch 5 Yellow Frogs

When you get close to the small lake your objective changes, and you will have to start looking for Yellow Frogs.

Again, to make this quest more accessible, turn off the music and pay close attention to the environmental sounds. You should hear the frogs when you are close to them.

As a hint, you should know that all Yellow Frogs are inside the fenced area.

Look for the first Yellow Frog in the southern side of the blue area, between several rocks close to the water. There is also a solitary rock on the shore.

The second frog is in the south-western part of the blue area, where there is an opening in the fence. It is also very close to the water and more rocks.

Another frog can be found next to the pier and very close to the fence. It is on the right side of the fishing spot, while facing the water.

The next Yellow Frog is located in the southern part of the blue area, on another rock, and behind a green bush on the lake’s shore.

From the previous location, move north towards the fishing spot and look for the next frog in the upper section of the area, at the bottom of a tree.

Objective: Give the Yellow Frogs to Sania

Now that you got all 5 Yellow Frogs, it’s time to return to Sania.

Drive back to Cauthess Rest Area Outpost and show her the frogs you collected. In exchange, you will get the reward below and the corresponding EXP.

A Professor’s Protégé – Gigantoad side-quest is also unlocked at the end of this quest.

A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs Quest Info

Description: “The red frogs have stocked the fires of Sania’s curiosity. In order to further her research, she next sends Noctis to catch yellow frogs at the southern area of Duscae.”

Client: Sania

EXP: 4,000

Reward: Rainbow Pendant x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete A Professor’s Protégé – Gigantoad side quest.

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