Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Red Frog location

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé is the first side-quest you have to play if you wish to start Sania’s quest-line in FFXV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Sania, is an important NPC just like Takka, Dino and Vyv for example, and you can first find her in Coernix Station – Alstor Outpost.

Similar to Dave, Sania will relocate after you complete most of her quests, which means that once you finish one of her tasks, you have to look for her somewhere else.

Sania’s quest-line features 7 Final Fantasy XV side-quests, all of them being covered by our complete FFXV walkthrough.

Since you first meet this strange scientist at Coernix Station – Alstor Outpost, in order to start her first quest, you have to complete the second chapter of the video game.

In other words, if you wish to play A Professor’s Protégé in Final Fantasy XV, you must finish Declaration of War main-quest.

At the end of the said quest, the Imperial blockades between Leide and Duscae will be removed, allowing you safe passage towards Coernix Station – Alstor Outpost.

Look for Sania in the parking lot under a red umbrella. Talk to her and you will find out that Sania is studying frogs.

Objective: Head to Alstor Slough

Your first objective for this quest is to travel to Alstor Slough which is located just south of Coernix Station – Alstor.

The swampy area is very easy to locate. Travel around the lake until you enter the blue zone marked on your map.

Objective: Catch 5 Red Frogs

To make this quest easier we suggest turning off the music because the Red Frogs are quite difficult to locate and you have to rely on the sounds they make.

The first one is located on top of the small hill made of stones.

The second Red Frog is located in the southern part of the blue area, close to the water, between some rocks.

The third Red Frog is close to the second one. Turn left after you collect the previous frog and you should see it several steps away from your current location.

You will find the fourth frog in the northern section of the blue area on your mini-map. Look for it close to the water.

The final frog is located near a solitary rock you should see close to the center of the blue area marked on your mini-map.

If you can’t find the Red Frogs, feel free to check our video guide below.

Objective: Give the Red Frogs to Sania

After you catch all Red Frogs for Sania, go back to Coernix Station – Alstor Outpost and show her the little creatures.

For completing this quest, the rewards listed below will be yours and you will unlock Sania’s next quest named A Professor’s Protégé – Yellow Frogs.

You should be aware though, that for the second quest you have to meet Sania at the Cauthess Rest Area Outpost.

A Professor’s Protégé Quest Info

Description: “Gladiolus catches sight of an acquaintance of his, a lively lady by the name of Sania, and suggests that the friends speak to her. No doubt she will have important knowledge to impart upon Noctis.”

Client: Sania

EXP: 3,000

Reward: Star Pendant x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete Fishing Buddies side quest.

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