Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Myrlwood Firefly location

A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly is Sania’s fifth quest in Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This mission can be triggered by visiting Meldacio Hunter HQ in northern Cleigne, but to play it, first you have to finish A Professor’s Protégé – Wyvern side quest.

Additionally, you have to unlock Cleigne area by removing the Imperial blockades. You can do this when you play the game’s story quests.

Finally, the Vesperpool must also be unlocked and you can achieve this by finishing the Party of Three story quest.

Assuming you meet all these requirements, look for Sania at Meldacio Hunter HQ. She can be found on a porch near some barrels.

Talk to the strange scientist and she will send you to the Myrlwood Dungeon to gather three Myrlwood Fireflies for her next project.

Objective: Head to the Myrlwood

Before moving west towards Myrlwood Dungeon, make sure that you are prepared for the dangers ahead.

Be advised that the Myrlwood Fireflies spawn only at night, like real fireflies. This means that inside the dungeon, you will encounter multiple demons.

For a complete guide containing information on their weaknesses and other useful tips, please refer to our Myrlwood Dungeon walkthrough.

Objective: Catch 3 Myrlwood Fireflies

As specified, the fireflies spawn at night, so start exploring the dungeon which is quite straightforward.

In order to complete this quest, you have to reach the final area of the dungeon, where you will encounter a Treant.

After you defeat it, just outside the Royal Tomb you should see several glowing insects.

The first firefly is in the southern part of the last clearing, on the ground.

The second Myrlwood Firefly is in the central area, where you defeated the Treant. Look for it next to the tree surrounded by water (pictured above).

The third firefly is several steps away from the second, also on the ground. Move north to spot it.

If you encounter difficulties and you can’t find the Myrlwood Fireflies, watch our video guide below.

Objective: Give the Myrlwood Fireflies to Sania

Now, that you collected all fireflies Sania needs, exit the dungeon and return to her at Meldacio Hunter HQ.

Talk to Sania to receive the rewards listed below, and to end the quest. At this point, if you travel to Coernix Station – Cauthess Outpost, you can start the next side-quest named A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon.

A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly Quest Info

Description: “In order to continue her frog research, Sania needs an injection of capital, and an article rare fauna should fetch a high price. The Myrlwood firefly is a suitable subject, and Noctis can aid Sania’s fundraising by catching live specimens.”

Client: Sania

EXP: 10,000

Reward: Golden Hourglass x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Witch of the Woods side quest.

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