Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon Side Quest Walkthrough
Final Fantasy XV Griffon location

A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon is the sixth FFXV quest in Sania’s questline, and can be played after you complete A Professor’s Protégé – Myrlwood Firefly.

Final Fantasy XV A Professor’s Protégé Griffon requires your presence at Coernix Station – Cauthess Outpost, where Sania will move at the end of the quest mentioned above.

Start A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon side-quest by travelling to Coernix Station – Cauthess Outpost in Duscae, and look for Sania.

You should find her in the parking lot near the general store, and under a red umbrella.

Talk to Sania and she will immediately send you on another adventure. This time however, you need to slay a Griffon.

Objective: Obtain a Griffon Feather

Unlike the previous tasks you received from Sania up to this point, in order to kill the Griffon, first you have to make the creature spawn.

Therefore, start by traveling to Coernix Station – Lestallum Parking Spot in northern Duscae.

Next, head to the marketplace and talk to the tipster at the diner. Start the Ruler of the Skies hunt, then head back to Regalia and drive south to the location marked on your map.

Before engaging the Griffon, we suggest resting at the nearby campground where you should also save the game and eat a dish that boosts the drop rate.

This is required because the drop rate of a Griffon Feather is 25%.

To make things easier and save some time, if the feather doesn’t drop, you can reload your saved game, or you can opt to drive back to Lestallum and restart the hunt.

When you fight the Griffon in FFXV, use daggers, polearms, and fire spells, because all of them deal 120% damage.

Try blocking the creature’s aerial attacks and keep using Ignis’s Enhancement and Prompto’s Piercer techniques.

Assuming you are lucky enough to get the Griffon Feather on your first attempt, make sure that first you visit the diner to complete the hunt.

Objective: Give the Griffon Feather to Sania

Next, go back to Sania and show her the feather of the mighty Griffon. The scientist will be pleased to see the item you brought back, and in exchange will reward you with a Safety Bit.

At the end of this quest you will unlock the Frogs of Legend, which is the final side-quest in Sania’s questline.

A Professor’s Protégé – Griffon Quest Info

Description: “An ancient tome is said to contain an account of frogs that lived in the time before time. To raise the funds needed to purchase this rare volume, Sania tasks Noctis with hunting the majestic griffon and acquiring its precious feather.”

Client: Sania

EXP: 12,000

Reward: Safety Bit x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Frogs of Legend side quest.

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