Final Fantasy XV A Better Valiant Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Valiant Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Valiant Side Quest Walkthrough

Final Fantasy XV A Better Valiant Side Quest Walkthrough
An Earth Gemstone location in Final Fantasy XV

FFXV A Better Valiant is a side-quest you can play from Cid in Hammerhead, but only after you reach Cape Caem, because unlike the previous quests from Cid’s quest-line, the Valiant is a weapon that can be obtained from a specific character.

In other words, the Valiant from Final Fantasy XV, isn’t a weapon you will find while exploring the world, but a weapon that can be obtained by trading Caem Carrots.

To do so, first you have remove the Imperial blockades that stop you from reaching Cleigne and Duscae. This can be done by playing the game’s story quests.

Next, you need to start and complete the side-quest named Living off the Land. This side-quest is given to you by Iris in Cape Caem.

At the end of the said side-quest, you will learn how to grow and harvest Caem Carrots. Additionally, the side-quest will introduce a new NPC named Tony.

Tony is very interested in buying the Caem Carrots you grow in Cape Caem, and if you agree to trade them with him, he will give you the Valiant firearm.

Now, that you know how to get the Valiant from Tony, let’s see how you can upgrade it and turn the firearm into a Valiant II.

Objective: Find an Earth Gemstone for Cid

After you obtain the Valiant, travel to Hammerhead and show it to Cid, who will obviously tell you that he can upgrade it if you bring him an Earth Gemstone.

The Earth Gemstone is a common treasure in FF XV, so start by checking your inventory, because maybe you already found one.

If you didn’t, you can start looking for an Earth Gemstone while completing other quests, or you can open your map, and travel to Telghey Haven camp (east of Malmalam Thicket).

From there, walk towards the lightning deposit, and nearby you should see a dirt road. Hop over the wooden fences and while walking in the direction of the river look for a sparkling blue object near a large rock.

The glowing treasure is an Earth Gemstone (see picture above or video below).

Objective: Give the Earth Gemstone to Cid

As soon as you have the Earth Gemstone, go back to Cid and hand it over. Eventually, he will send you away until the upgrade is finished.

To speed up the process, complete one side-quest or one hunt, then rest. In the morning, Cid will call and tell you that the Valiant upgrade is ready.

A Better Valiant Quest Info

Description: “A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain an earth gemstone, Cid will upgrade the Valiant – but he might take a while.”

Client: Cid

EXP: 800

Reward: Valiant II x 1

Post Quest Suggestion

Complete The Summit main-quest.

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